Who Is The Most Famous Band From Every State?

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There is no shortage of incredible music in the United States. Pretty much every part of the country has produced a slew of fantastic artists, so it can sometimes be hard to remember the most famous band from every state.

Some of the most recognizable music groups are forever tied to the region from which they came. Can anyone mention the Seattle grunge sound of the 1990s without bringing up Nirvana? Is it even possible to separate Motown, based out of Michigan, from The Temptations? However, some US states and their famous bands aren't so instantly forthcoming. New Jersey has Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, but also Bon Jovi. In California, fans have to pick between The Grateful Dead, The Beach Boys, The Eagles, The Doors, and Metallica. The competition is fierce in large, densely populated states, but one band usually manages to rise above the rest in terms of notoriety. 

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