The Most Famous Blues Guitarists

There's nothing quite like the blues, and greatest blues guitarists are part of what makes this musical genre so special. This list of the most famous blues guitar players of all time, with photos, includes all the top blues guitarists from many decades. These are the most well known blues guitarists - legends of the blues guitar. Famous blues guitarists on this list have played all major styles of blues, from the Mississippi Delta to the streets of Chicago. Some of the most notable blues guitarists in the world are T-Bone Walker and B.B. King.

Who are the most famous blues guitarists? This list includes blues guitar greats from the early days of the blues and of course, many of the most talented blues guitar players today. Both white and Black guitarists are ranked on this list. These prominent blues guitarists are some of the best musicians around, and are well known in blues and guitar circles. This list of renowned blues guitar players is alphabetical. See also a full list of blues artists, and a full list of blues rock bands.

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