Who Is The Most Famous Boy Band In The World Right Now?

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While boy bands are nothing new (just check out the hits of the 90s), some of the most famous boy bands in the world today might have you think otherwise. In other words, boy bands across the globe have taken the music world by storm throughout the 2010s, dominating the music charts and selling out tours everywhere. While much of their fan base may be under the age of 18, that doesn't take away from the fame these boy bands are experiencing. Of all today's popular boy bands, however, who is the most famous in 2021?

This list is all about the current and modern boy bands, not the just your personal choice of the biggest boy band in the world. However, with numerous hit Kpop songs, BTS (Bangtan Boys) is one of the most popular boy bands out right now—not to mention EXO, TRCNG, and many others. Any of those could be voted best boy band in the world. However, Kpop groups aren't the only ones making waves in the music industry, as groups like Why Don't We and Brockhampton could also be considered some of the most famous boy bands right now. Of course, this is all up to you fans to decide.

Check out the list of top boy bands below and vote up the groups you think are the most famous in the world right now in 2021.

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