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Chino Fernandez
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Aircraft will always be objects of fascination for humanity. Thus, some movies and TV shows portray aircraft as the "main hero" of the story. There have been many cool planes and other types of aircraft that, though fictional, would have been awesome to see in real life. Here are among the more well-known fictional aircraft that probably most enthusiasts will remember. Note, this list is limited to atmospheric aircraft mostly of a new design, although there will be a few existing-in-real-life designs that were given new livery in several movies, cartoons and books. 

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Mig-31 Firefox

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Perhaps one of the most famous cinema aircraft of all, this plane was the star of the movie adaptation of the Craig Thomas novel, Firefox. The plane probably became more famous at the time than the movie's main actor, spaghetti western-veteran Clint Eastwood. Its weapons included not only missiles and guns, but its rearward-firing flares. Even if there is a real Mig-31 (called the Foxhound), nothing will erase the image of this fantastic plane from the minds of fans. 

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Avengers Quinjet

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In the comics, the Quinjet was the Avenger team's specific mode of transport. In the 2012 movie, it became a SHIELD aircraft, though one can say it is a unique design that one can recognize as a part of the movie (though in the comics, the Quinjet looks very different).

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Super Sylph

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This amazing-looking aircraft can only be the product of Japanese aesthetic design. The Super Sylph, itself equipped with an AI like Stealth's EDI UCAV, is one of Earth's defense weapons against an alien threat called the JAM. Watch it in the anime Yukikaze.

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While there have been many incarnations of Batman's aircraft, one of the most famous is the one in the iconic 1989 Tim Burton movie. It was shaped like the round version of the Bat logo. In the movie, after the Batwing makes astonishing aerobatic maneuvers and gets rid of the Joker's poison-filled balloons, the Clown Prince of Crime draws a ridiculously long revolver from his pants, which successfully disables the Batwing, bringing it down. 

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