Who Is The Most Famous Girl Group In The World Right Now?

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The music industry has long been evenly split between genders, with some of the most famous girl groups right up there with the boys. In fact, top girl groups from around the world may even be the most popular artists out right now. Whether it be Kpop, American pop music, or electronica, there's a great deal of popular girl groups running the music scene—not to mention the many solo female singers. Simply put, many of today's best music groups are female, but who is the most famous girl group in the world right now in 2021?

With numerous girl Kpop group songs taking the music world by storm in recent years, current girl groups like BLACKPINK and Twice certainly top the list as some of the best girl bands. As big as Kpop is, however, powerful girl groups come from all over the world. Artists like Little Mix, and Say Lou Lou (to name a few) have all established themselves as leading female groups, releasing numerous hit singles and albums. So, who is the biggest girl group in the world?

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Most divisive: Everglow
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    K-pop, EDM, Hip-hop
    18,455 votes

    Exploding onto the global stage, this South Korean quartet has taken the world by storm with their unparalleled blend of K-pop, hip-hop, and EDM. Each member brings her own distinct style and vocal prowess, creating a cohesive powerhouse that has garnered massive international success and broken numerous records. Their immense influence in pop culture has transcended music, leading to high-profile brand endorsements and collaborations with renowned artists.

  • Little Mix
    Hip hop music, Girl group, Pop music
    13,306 votes

    Originally formed on a British talent show, this all-female group has quickly risen to fame with their infectious harmonies and empowering messages. Their diverse vocal capabilities, combined with their captivating stage presence and flawless choreography, have cemented their status as one of the most successful girl groups of the decade. Aside from topping charts around the globe, they've also become fashion icons and champions for female empowerment and mental health awareness.

  • Twice
    K-pop, J-pop
    9,596 votes

    Hailing from South Korea, this nine-member sensation has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with their catchy tunes and undeniable stage charisma. They flawlessly execute intricate dance routines while delivering pitch-perfect live vocals, showcasing their undeniable talent and teamwork. Their immense popularity has not only resulted in substantial commercial success but also made them cultural icons, with their signature fashion and hairstyles inspiring trends across Asia.

  • Red Velvet
    6,905 votes

    This quintet from South Korea effortlessly blends R&B, pop, and electronica, creating an irresistible sound that has earned them a dedicated fanbase around the world. Each member has a unique vocal timbre that complements one another seamlessly, resulting in rich harmonies and unforgettable melodies. Their innovative music videos and constant reinvention keep fans guessing and solidify their status as a trailblazing force in contemporary K-pop.

  • ITZY
    5,728 votes

    Breaking through as one of K-pop's most promising rookies, this quintet delivers a fresh, energetic sound coupled with stunning visuals and high-energy performances. They've quickly amassed a global following with their self-affirming anthems, captivating audiences of all ages. Despite their relatively recent debut, the group has already made waves in the industry, securing numerous prestigious awards and consistently topping charts.

  • Mamamoo
    K-pop, Retro, Jazz
    6,433 votes

    Known for their powerhouse vocals and distinct personalities, this South Korean quartet delivers a refreshing take on modern K-pop. Straying from typical bubblegum pop, their music incorporates jazz, R&B, and retro-inspired elements, showcasing their incredible versatility and technical skills. With multiple award wins and chart-topping hits, their impact on both the Korean and international music scenes is undeniable.