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The Most Famous Groupies in Music History 

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Updated October 10, 2019 2M views

Infamous rock groupies are almost as big a part of music history as rock stars themselves. While many fans have taken their love of a particular artist to great lengths, these groupies became a part of the musicians' lives. In some instances, these super fans have gone on to have children, travel and even work for the stars to which they are so devoted. Then, you have those groupies who took pictures of celebs after the encounter.

While many were very young, some had long relationships with famous musicians, and would go on to inspire scores of songs. Some groupies struggled with substance abuse later in life, and a few either went to prison or passed young. But most seem fairly well-adjusted, writing memoirs about their time with bands, and parlaying their fame into media appearances. When thinking of the most famous groupies, Jim Morrison acolyte Pamela Des Barres definitely comes to mind, but there are plenty of others.

Here are some of the most famous groupies in the history of rock music.