Weird History Meet The 3 Most Famous Introverts In History  

Mick Jacobs

To make your mark on history, you don't necessarily need to be an extrovert or a people person. Some of the most influential historical figures were introverts, and three of them appear in the video below.

It's commonly understood that being extroverted, friendly, and social usually helps get a person noticed. While that definitely rings true in the short run, famous historical introverts are proof that even soft-spoken people can make history.

In fact, the famous introverts in the video below left massive legacies behind despite the fact they sometimes preferred to keep to themselves. 

None of these figures are alive today to tell their stories, and it's likely they would have preferred not to go through the hassle of doing so anyway. Thankfully, this video does all the speaking for those who never wanted to.