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The Most Famous Film That Took Place The Year You Were Born

What is the most famous film set during the year you were born? This list, which stretches from 1970 through 2000, will tell you. A number of factors went into determining this, including critical assessment, box office performance, and how influential the movie has been. Some of these movies were sensations right out of the gate, while others required the benefit of time to reveal themselves as classics. In most cases, there were several notable examples from each individual year that could have been cited, but only the ones that made the biggest impact were selected.

The genres represented in this collection of period movies by year vary considerably. There are comedies and dramas, horror films, and family features. Some of the movies are set in the same year in which they were made, while others recreated the fashion and look of a decade or more beforehand.

Hopefully you have already seen the biggest movie set in the year of your birth. If not, you'll have a great viewing recommendation. Check out all the films from the other years, too, because there's not a dud to be found among them.