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The Most Iconic Pop Culture Homes  

Mick Jacobs

From Jerry Seinfeld's apartment to the Tanner family house, numerous homes from pop culture feel almost as familiar as your own. But what if you could actually visit them? Well, as the video below shows, many famous homes from TV and film are available to tour.

These memorable residences and sets left major impressions upon popular culture; many even inspired other famous fictional homes. For one reason or another, their ambiance or layout felt natural and appealing to audiences the world over.

Some of the most renowned fictional homes have reopened their doors for other families to see for themselves. Now, you get the chance to explore their hallways and sit on their furniture as if you were a part of the story itself. How fun and nostalgic!

Watch the video below to learn which famous fictional homes and sets are holding open houses for their fans. Maybe after you take a tour, you'll find some inspiration for you own humble abode.