Who Is The Most Famous Rapper In The World Right Now?

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Everyone has their own idea of the best rappers today, but that doesn't necessarily denote the most famous rapper in the world right now in 2023. Sure, the best rapper in the world could also be the most famous rapper, but this isn't always the case. While there's room for opinion, there are also plenty of qualifying factors to consider. For instance, how's their most recent album selling? How often are they in the news and media in 2021? How big is their fan base? Of course, you are the fan base. You're the reason why the media covers them. So, who is the most famous rapper out right now according to you fans?

When it comes to the most popular rappers, Kanye West is certainly going to find himself toward the top of the list. However, plenty of current hip-hop artists and top new school rappers who may not have his credentials could still be considered just as famous. How about Lil Uzi Vert? He is definitely one of the celebrity rappers. Some American rappers, like Childish Gambino, were celebrities before their music careers. He starred on the popular TV series Community. Is it his TV and movie stardom that puts him in the spotlight? As you can see, choosing the most famous rappers today isn't going to be easy, but that's where you fans come in. 

Check out the list of famous rappers below and vote up the artists you think have the most fame right now. 

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