What Is The Most Famous Restaurant In Every State?

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Each state has a lot to offer: from famous movie locations to iconic TV show settings, to being the birth place of some of some renowned movie stars and musicians. But let's say you're a foodie that has plans to visit every single state and chow down on the best each state has to offer. Hey, if that's you then you've definitely come to the right place. If you want to embark on one epic, cross-country road trip and sample the amazing cuisine this country has to offer, then we've got your back because we're here to break down the most famous restaurant in every state for you. And let's say you're not the biggest fan of traveling and just love the city you’re in. We've got you covered there too because if you comb through this list you'll find out what's the most famous restaurant from your state.  

Sure, some of these restaurants may be plagued by tourists but that's the price you pay for wanting to check out the most famous establishments. Some of these places are award-nominated, fine dining eateries. Others are affordable diners that give you your money's worth. Either way, you're going to come away from his list absolutely starving and with a big old list of recommendations.  

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  • South Dakota - Wall Drug

    South Dakota - Wall Drug

    Before you've even driven into South Dakota, you're going to see signs for Wall Drug at least 1000 miles before you've arrived in the state, advertising free ice water. In addition to the maple donuts and hot beef sandwiches up for consumption, you can check out a big T-Rex and a huge Jackalope.  

  • New York - Katz's Deli

    New York - Katz's Deli

    Katz's Deli keeps locals and tourists flocking to it so frequently, not just because Meg Ryan faked an orgasm there and prompted an old woman to have what she's having. No – they're renowned for their mammoth sandwiches and its longevity – Katz's has been there for roughly 100 years.  

  • Connecticut - Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

    Connecticut - Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

    The birth place of the New Haven-style pizza and the white clam pie, Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napolentana (also known as Pepe's) has been open since 1925 and is one of the oldest, most well-known pizzerias in the country.  

  • Kansas - Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que

    Kansas - Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que

    Kansas is often considered the barbeque capital of the world and Joe's is cited as one of the best in the state, despite opening as recently as the 90s. The original Joe's location is in a gas station in Kansas City, serving its patrons delicious BBQ cuisine since 1996.  

  • Florida - Joe's Stone Crab

    Florida - Joe's Stone Crab

    This Miami Beach located seafood place attracts hordes of hungry visitors that come for the famous stone crabs (the ones that gave the restaurant its namesake) and its famous key lime pie. There are a few more Joe's located across the country, but this Florida establishment is the original.  

  • Indiana - St Elmo's Steak House

    Indiana - St Elmo's Steak House

    Originally conceived as a bar in 1902, St Elmo's turned into a steak house during the Prohibition era. This landmark restaurant is Indianapolis's oldest steak house and it's earned national acclaim and a reputation for its cuisine.  

  • Louisiana - Commander's Palace

    Louisiana - Commander's Palace

    You could throw a stone just about anywhere in New Orleans and hit a restaurant that opened 100 years ago that's considered one of the most iconic in the city, but Commander's Palace is a very strong contender for most famous restaurant in the state. Commander's Palace has a beautiful turquoise façade and is located in the Garden District. It's become the go-to destination for Creole cuisine since it opened its doors in 1880.  

  • Nebraska - The Drover Restaurant & Lounge

    Nebraska - The Drover Restaurant & Lounge

    The Drover has developed a fantastic reputation for its whiskey-marinated steaks that have kept patrons returning for 40 years. That famous marinade is a combination of whiskey, soy, garlic, and pepper.  

  • Texas - Salt Lick

    Texas - Salt Lick

    Salt Lick is renowned as the most quintessentially Texan BBQ spot in the state. Located on a huge ranch estate and cantered around a huge circular smoking that has been producing incredibly smoked meats for nearly 50 years.  

  • Tennessee - Pancake Pantry

    Tennessee - Pancake Pantry

    Nashville's Pancake Pantry (there are actually two Pancake Pantrys in Tennessee but the Nashville one is said to be the best) has people lining round the block from the early hours of the morning to get their hands on some scratch made pancakes.  

  • Nevada - The Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge

    Nevada - The Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge

    The Peppermill is a must-stop destination on the Vegas strip. It doesn't matter what time you roll up to this Las Vegas icon, you'll be in for a dining experience that is the encapsulation of the gambling capital of America.  

  • Illinois - Superdawg

    Illinois - Superdawg

    Is there anything more ironically American than a drive-in? How about hot dogs? You can load up on both at Superdawg, which is renowned for its beef dogs and crinkle-cut fries. Superdawg started off as a hot dog stand in 1948 in Chicago, before becoming the beloved drive-in it is today.  

  • Maine - Young's Lobster Pound

    Maine - Young's Lobster Pound

    This Maine-based staple is a picnic-style restaurant that lets patrons chose their lobster from a huge tank. Not only does Young's Lobster Pound provide delicious lobster dishes, but it also offers spectacular views of the Penobscot Bay from its outdoor patio.  

  • West Virginia - The Main Dining Room At Greenbrier

    West Virginia - The Main Dining Room At Greenbrier

    Located in the Greenbrier resort in White Sulpher Springs, the Main Dining Room has been serving upscale fare for over 100 years. This dining experience is refined and guests are encouraged to dress to impress.  

  • Colorado - Buckhorn Exchange

    Colorado - Buckhorn Exchange

    "Denver's original steakhouse" is Buckhorn Exchange, and it offers its patrons huge prime steaks and oysters that are sure to satisfy the hunger of everyone in your party. But it's just not just steak this place serves; there are more exotic menu items on the trading post like elk, game hen, alligator tail and buffalo sausage.  

  • Arizona - Barrio Cafe

    Arizona - Barrio Cafe

    Boasting over 200 tequilas and claiming to serve some of the best Mexican cuisine in the country, Barrio Café is home to Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza's iconic and celebrated dishes. This colorful, beautifully decorated restaurant serves up some amazing versions of regional Mexican dishes.  

  • Hawaii - Roy's

    Hawaii - Roy's

    Roy's opened in Honolulu in December of 1988 by the titular Roy – a Tokyo-born graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Roy's has been serving the people of Hawaii delicious traditional mixed plates for nearly 30 years.  

  • Alabama - Highlands Bar And Grill

    Alabama - Highlands Bar And Grill

    Birmingham's most iconic restaurant, Highlands Bar and Grill, first opened in 1982 and has been serving French-influenced Southern fare for more than 30 years. The menu is adjusted daily to incorporate seasonal ingredients and the dishes are complemented by wines from France and California.  

  • New Jersey - Tops Diner

    New Jersey - Tops Diner

    Tops Diner has made a ton of lists that have ranked it as one of the best diners in America. It's a New Jersey stalwart that is home to a fully stocked bar and two bakes that produce some of the freshest cheesecake you're likely to find in the state.  

  • Wyoming - Snake River Grill

    Wyoming - Snake River Grill

    Snake River Grill has become a firm favorite on the Wyoming dining scene over the last 20 years, serving American cuisine and over 300 wines.  

  • Vermont - Prohibition Pig

    Vermont - Prohibition Pig

    Waterbury's Prohibition Pig serves up delicious smoked meats, classic cocktails and its own beer, because this restaurant doubles as a brewery. Fill up on pig meat and sample the bespoke beers on tap.  

  • Oregon - Portland City Grill

    Oregon - Portland City Grill

    Purporting to be Portland's most popular restaurant, Portland City Grill boats gorgeous views of the city and the Cascade Mountains that can be enjoyed with the fresh seafood, steaks and salads on offer.  

  • Alaska - Club Paris

    Alaska - Club Paris

    Club Paris is located in a former funeral parlor and has the distinction of being the oldest steak house in Alaska. Its most iconic dish is the 14oz filet and it has been serving its delicious steak and seafood to locals and visitors alike since the 1950s.  

  • Maryland - Phillips

    Maryland - Phillips

    Maryland's residents are all about their seafood, and one of the place the state's citizens go to show their love of this cuisine is Phillips. Since the original Ocean City restaurant opened in 1956, it has become a number one destination for its renowned Maryland Steamed Crabs.  

  • Utah - Ruth's Diner

    Utah - Ruth's Diner

    Ruth's Diner is built in an actual trolley car that used to roll through Salt Lake City in the early 1900s. While the trolley car aesthetic remains, the purpose of this establishment is serving fantastic all-American diner food and beautiful views of the creek thanks to its huge patio.