The Most Fascinating Artifacts Housed At Catherine The Great's Museum

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Catherine the Great began acquiring art after seizing the throne in Russia, and by her death in 1796 she had a collection of about 4,000 pieces. Often hailed as one of the greatest rulers of her time, Catherine II has been remembered in many different ways including as 'The Empress of Art'. One of the most prominent ways is by the founding of the State Hermitage Museum - aptly opened on Saint Catherine's Day in 1852. As her collection grew, so too did the museum, which now fills multiple buildings.

The museum houses her large classic art collection, as well as other artifacts throughout history. Complete with these historic pieces, Catherine the Great's Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg captures much of Russia's past through not only traditional art pieces, but also ceramics, jewelry, coinage, and weaponry. Some of the artifacts date back thousands of years and it's no wonder Catherine The Great's museum is one of the most frequently visited around the world.