Weird History These Famous Buildings Were Never Finished, And The Reasons Why Are Pretty Fascinating  

Mick Jacobs

Always finish what you start, unless you happen to be the architect behind one of these fascinating unfinished buildings. In the video below, you may take a quick tour of a few incomplete yet extremely famous landmarks.

For one reason or another, be it architectural or superstitious, these brilliant buildings never made it to completion. A few of these incomplete edifices have remained under construction for centuries.

Despite their defects, these buildings attract visitors from all around the world. It just goes to show that if you make it big and bold enough to get people's attention, they might not even notice that the construction project never quite crossed the finish line.

Check out the unfinished wonders in the video below to see what the rest of the world sees in them. They may not be finished, but if everything were judged based on a 100% completion rate, most people watching this video at work right now would find themselves out of a job.