The Most Florida Things That Have Ever Happened

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Think worse things have happened in your state? Read through and vote up the stories that leave you speechless.

The most Florida things that have ever happened are listed here and ready for your votes. That's right, the word "Florida" is no longer just the name of a state. It has become an adjective to describe something absolutely ridiculous. These news stories will make you ignore "What's the matter with Kansas" and ask yourself, "WTF is wrong with Florida?" Enjoy these uniquely "Florida weird" moments in the history of this state.

Our list is full of animals acting like humans (dogs shooting their owners with guns) and humans acting like animals (moms biting their daughters for turning on a Rihanna CD). The Florida news has become late night talk show fodder, but this list is the ultimate compilation of WTF Florida stories. Remember that time the entire state didn't know how to count votes and the wrong guy was elected President of the United States? Multiply that insanity by 10, and welcome to the list of the most Florida-weird moments the Sunshine State ever had.

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    Guy Tries to Trade Alligator for Beer

    In Florida, alligator is a currency. That's what 64-year-old Fernando Aguilera thought when he trapped a 4-foot alligator and tried to sell it, living, at a Florida convenience store. What did he want in return? A 12-pack of brewskies.

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    DUI for Driving Drunk While Lawn Mowing

    There have been a lot of weird DUIs in the history of Florida, but this one is special. Evidently, a 58-year-old man named Kenneth La Rue Smith, also a real name, was driving a lawn mower into oncoming traffic. He was also drinking a beer. He also had two knives. And a revolver. Also, several rounds of ammunition. Yay!

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    Nudist Resort Golf Cart Stolen for McDonald's Run

    A golf cart went missing at a Floridian resort for nudists, and it was found at Mickey D’s. It’s weird to steal a golf cart. It’s weirder to steal it in order to eat McDonald’s. But it’s Florida-weird to steal it from a nudist resort. Best crime duo ever.


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    Real Cop Gets Pulled Over by Fake Cop

    A Florida police officer was pulled over by another police officer. The only problem is the arresting officer got arrested for trying to arrest him. Using illegal police lights, a 20-year-old Ohio man thought he'd get away with it because, well, he was in Florida.

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    Taco Isn't Accepted as Drunk Man's I.D.

    Classic story: a guy gets drunk, drives a pick-up truck, passes out behind the wheel, and it catches on fire. That's the tale of Matthew Faulkner of Florida. When the arresting officer requested identification, Mr. Faulkner handed it over. And by "it" we mean "a taco from Taco Bell."


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    State Ban on Bar Dwarf-Tossing Up for Repeal

    So, Florida had a ban on tossing dwarfs in bars. That’s pretty weird. What’s a little more hard to grasp is the fact that someone, let alone someone in government, would want to repeal it. State Rep. Ritch Workman (real name) filed a bill to do so because it would "limit employment opportunities."

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