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15 Anime Characters Seemingly Designed Specifically To Frustrate Cosplayers

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Often, cosplayers find brilliant ways to tackle hard anime cosplay. They call forth unimaginable levels of creativity, until even the most difficult anime cosplay can be created, put on, and functioned in. Sometimes, the anime cosplay is just impossible to look away from. The truth, however, is that most cosplayers have run into a character design somewhere that’s made them want to give up entirely.

Sometimes, the last straw is having to draft an original pattern, because the garment on a character has no "real" pattern close to it. Other times, piecing together homemade armor is what drives cosplayers to madness. There are some cosplayers who find themselves anxious when there’s a wig to style capable of draining a hairspray can. Other curse-worthy challenges include: shoes that can't be walked in comfortably, gravity-defying accessories and pieces that light up, fold, and/or transform.

You don’t have to be a cosplayer yourself to suspect that certain characters might be the hardest anime characters to cosplay. These are some of the best examples, and it really seems like they were created just to frustrate cosplayers.


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    Haydee From Gankutsuou: The Count Of Monte Cristo

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    Gankutsuou's kaleidoscopic animation style uses moving patterns for its character designs. Cosplaying any character from this show would be a challenge, but Haydee's kimono sports an irregular spread of geographic shapes, flowers, and human faces no real-life fabric can mimic.

    Even Haydee's hair is patterned. If tackling the wig is not enough to frustrate a cosplayer, add in Haydee's otherworldly, intricate harp, her pointed elf ears, and her unnatural skin color. Alexander Dumas didn't anticipate how difficult he was going to make lives for cosplayers when he wrote The Count of Monte Cristo

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    Does Nia have hair, or a cloud on her head? Also, why are her pupils shaped like two pink flowers? Nia's Anti-Spiral body suit looks simple by comparison, yet body suits are stretchy... and that makes it tough to place designs on them.

    This outfit's details might best be positioned while the cosplayer is wearing the clothing, but that has complications, too. 

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    Ragyo Kiryuin From Kill La Kill

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    Most of the characters in Kill la Kill wear clothes that make no sense, but Ragyo's character design is its own, maddening brand of frustration. Assuming one can navigate the initial challenge involved in the skimpiness of her attire, there's still that feather boa to consider - or is it more of a cloak or a jacket? And how does it stay up on her arms?

    Also, don't forget Ragyo's gravity-defying hair emits borderline-blinding radiance in the form of rainbow light rays. That's... not easy to replicate.

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    Sagittarius Seiya From Saint Seiya Omega

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    The patterning phase of armor is important. Unless you like the idea of being immobile for long periods of time, you've got to conceptualize each piece carefully. This is easier to manage when an armor design leaves space for natural human range of motion.

    Range of motion is apparently not important to Seiya. Sagittarius Seiya's body is almost entirely covered in overlapping armor pieces that seem to prevent joints from bending - and he's got gravity defying metal wings to boot. This armor is unwearable for flesh-and-blood people. 


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