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The Most Frustrating Parts Of Great Video Games

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Frustrating video game moments can tarnish even the best entries. The original Halo is hailed as a masterpiece, but many fans and critics ignore the painful inclusion of the Flood. Crash Bandicoot is being enjoyed my multiple generations of gamers, thanks to an HD-remastered collection, and it's being praised yet again. But rose-tinted glasses keep these players from realizing the fault lies in the game's construction, and not with their inability to successfully complete the Slippery Climb stage.

These annoying problems don't just pertain to the odd incidents that leave gamers scratching their heads. There are full-on, infuriating, controller-throwing problems in some of the biggest and most revolutionary titles of all time. These terrible moments in critically-acclaimed games always stand out because the rest of the experience is so captivating.

Escort missions, terrible level design, jumping sections, and resource mini-games all rear their ugly heads in even the most spectacular entries. Seeing as the developers take such care and precision when crafting their worlds, the inclusion of these sections is both baffling and inexcusable. 

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    Only masochists attempt to play "Through The Fire And Flames" perfectly on expert. Guitar Hero 3 was marketed on the premise that anyone could pick up one of their plastic instruments and feel like a rock star.

    The problem with this particular DragonForce song is that the guitar part, on expert, is a non-stop, carpal tunnel syndrome-inducing nightmare. This song is so complicated, and requires such immaculate precision, that men and women have lost their last shreds of sanity trying to play it to completion. 

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    Grand Theft Auto is a series about driving stolen cars around virtual open worlds, fighting the police, and enjoying vulgar stories steeped in social commentary. With that in mind, Rockstar placed an odd emphasis on character relationships within their stories. In Grand Theft Auto IV, players have to go on dates and play bar games to keep up relationships, when all they really want to do is blow up half the downtown area. 

    These side missions feel tacked on, and with a game that emphasizes the importance of freedom of choice, it can often feel like the developers are forcing players to engage with NPCs in a very specific way.

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    Bioware was on such a roll with the first two Mass Effect games, no one thought they could screw it up. While a majority of Mass Effect 3 was an exceptionally well-made game, it's hard to argue they stuck the landing.

    The last level is rushed and badly designed. Instead of allowing players the freedom to choose their outcome, which had been a staple of the series previously, players were forced to either sacrifice themselves or die. To make matters worse, the actual end to the narrative provided three different conclusions that weren't distinct enough from one another, and ultimately made the player's choices meaningless.

    Fans were so upset, and they ended up raising $80,000 for charity in the hope Bioware would change the ending. While the company did retroactively improve upon what was there by adding further endings that emphasized the player's choices, many gamers never returned to the series to give it another chance. Bioware had ruined their experience with the franchise, altogether.

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    Rogue Squadron - Escape From Fest

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    Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, released on the Nintendo 64, was a little rough around the edges but delivered some fantastic Star Wars dogfighting action. It was at its best when players found themselves engulfed by an array of TIE Fighters. The worst parts, however, typically involved the escort missions.

    The most upsetting example of these annoying assignments occurs in the level "Escape From Fest," where players are forced to escort AT-PTs away from an Imperial facility. These miniature walkers are incredibly fragile, and the Empire is throwing everything they have at them, which makes this mission especially difficult.

    The most frustrating part of this segment is when the AT-ATs attack. While players are focused on trying to trip them up with their tow cables, these mechanized monstrosities demolish the objectives and gamers are forced to start over from the beginning.

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