The 50 Most Godless Cities in America

A list of the most Godless cities in America. The United States was founded, way back when, by God-fearing Pilgrims who left England for the promise of being able to practice their religion freely. That said, those original founders would be very disappointed to learn that the vast land of which they first settled has deviated from its God-fearing ways. As Americans have become more secular, the cities in which they inhabit reflect the new state of affairs when it comes to religion. Conservatives and bible thumpers will be very disappointed to learn that many of America's bustling cities are near the top of the list. 

According to a study by the American Bible Society, the Midwest and South continue to perform strongly among "Bible-minded cities." However, East Coast cities (primarily in the northeast) dominate the top portion of the list of Godless American cities. You'll see cities like Providence, RI, Boston and, of course, New York City in the top-15. There are a few surprising inclusions, like Cedar Rapids and, yes, even Salt Lake City, both of which rank above major cities Chicago and Los Angeles. After all, there's a reason Las Vegas is called Sin City, and it's because it has a large collection of bibles available to be read.

This list traces the places you're least likely to find people preaching the good book. If you're an atheist or someone who isn't fond of religion, or are even spiritual, but not religious, this list should provide a guide to what cities may be more accepting of your non-religious practices as opposed to others. Take a look and take in what cities are considered the most Godless cities in the United States.

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