The Most Grizzled Actors Currently Working

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Many of Hollywood's most grizzled actors make up some of the best the industry has produced over the past century. What makes an actor "Grizzled" has a lot to do with the rough and tough exterior they present. That isn't to say these gentlemen don't hide a sensitive side, but when you think of the men on this list, don't think back to their early careers, but rather to their older, more refined selves.

Most men who age well tend to put on that "Silver Fox" look or gruff exterior that works well in action movies, even if they spent the majority of their early days playing much different roles. these handsome aging actors are still attractive guys, but they do have a few more grey hairs than their publicists might be willing to let on. Guys like Tom Cruise won't be found here due to the fact that he doesn't age for some reason... seriously, the guy looks better than most 20-year-olds. The gentlemen who make it onto this list are refined, older gentlemen who have aged like the fine Scotch they drink... and look damn good doing it as well!

Most divisive: Val Kilmer
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  • Jeff Bridges
    Iron Man, The Big Lebowski, Tron
    37 votes

    Jeff Bridges boasts an extensive filmography that features iconic characters like Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski and Rooster Cogburn. Throughout his illustrious career, this talented actor has been nominated for seven Academy Awards, winning Best Actor for his role in Crazy Heart. Bridges also comes from a prominent Hollywood family, being the son of actor Lloyd Bridges and brother of actor Beau Bridges.

  • Sam Elliott
    The Big Lebowski, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Ghost Rider
    36 votes

    Sam Elliott is renowned for his distinctive baritone voice and rugged good looks. His acting career spans over five decades, with standout roles in films such as The Big LebowskiTombstone, and A Star is Born. Elliott has received several award nominations, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

  • Clint Eastwood
    Good, Unforgiven, Dirty Harry
    45 votes

    Clint Eastwood's legendary career stretches back to the 1950s, encompassing acting, directing, and producing roles. Best known for his iconic roles in Westerns and the Dirty Harry film series, Eastwood has also directed and produced critically acclaimed films like Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino. His accomplishments have earned him multiple Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and other accolades.

  • Tommy Lee Jones
    No Country for Old Men, Men in Black, Captain America: The First Avenger
    43 votes

    With a career spanning over 50 years, Tommy Lee Jones is an accomplished actor, director, and producer. He has appeared in numerous successful films, such as The FugitiveMen in Black, and No Country for Old Men. A versatile performer, Jones has earned four Academy Award nominations, winning one for Best Supporting Actor.

  • Jack Nicholson
    The Shining, Batman, The Departed
    27 votes

    Jack Nicholson boasts a storied acting career that includes iconic roles such as Jack Torrance in The Shining and Randle McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. With 12 Academy Award nominations under his belt, Nicholson holds the record for the most nominated actor in Oscars history. He has won three Oscars, including two for Best Actor.

  • Kurt Russell
    Forrest Gump, The Thing, The Fox and the Hound
    29 votes

    Kurt Russell began his acting career as a child actor for Disney, later transforming into a leading man known for action-packed roles. His memorable performances include Escape from New YorkThe Thing, and Big Trouble in Little China. Russell frequently collaborates with director Quentin Tarantino, appearing in both Death Proof and The Hateful Eight.