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The Most Grizzled Actors Currently Working

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Many of Hollywood's most grizzled actors make up some of the best the industry has produced over the past century. What makes an actor "Grizzled" has a lot to do with the rough and tough exterior they present. That isn't to say these gentlemen don't hide a sensitive side, but when you think of the men on this list, don't think back to their early careers, but rather to their older, more refined selves.

Most men who age well tend to put on that "Silver Fox" look or gruff exterior that works well in action movies, even if they spent the majority of their early days playing much different roles. these handsome aging actors are still attractive guys, but they do have a few more grey hairs than their publicists might be willing to let on. Guys like Tom Cruise won't be found here due to the fact that he doesn't age for some reason... seriously, the guy looks better than most 20-year-olds. The gentlemen who make it onto this list are refined, older gentlemen who have aged like the fine Scotch they drink... and look damn good doing it as well!