Graveyard Shift The 22 Most Grotesque And Violent Things That Have Happened On American Horror Story  

Mariel Loveland
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When Ryan Murphy created American Horror Story, he weaved a tangled web of co-mingling characters who are all more horrific than the next. The show, which is arguably one of the most shocking on television, is chock full of some of the scariest horror movie tropes - from grotesque rape scenes to serial killers making furniture out of human skin. With all the gross things that happen on American Horror Story, it seems like the writers room is constantly trying to one-up themselves. That's kind of their M.O.

American Horror Story spans seven seasons and with each new episode comes renewed disbelief over what the network will actually allow on TV (it's almost certain the FCC has fielded a multitude of complains). Some of the most WTF things on AHS include zombie sex, death by drill-bit-dildo, and DIY abortions. What really makes each of these incidents more terrifying than the last are the accompanying backstories. Ryan Murphy has a way of building multi-faceted characters that we deeply feel for. It's more than just cheap thrills.

If you're looking for the most violent things to happen on American Horror Story, look no further. These are the most disturbing American Horror Story moments found on the show – from Murder House to Cult.

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The Addiction Demon In 'Hotel'

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Ryan Murphy warned viewers that a disturbing rape scene was going to happen in the premiere of Hotel. There's no way anyone could imagine just how grotesque that scene would actually be. At the time, Murphy regarded it as "the most disturbing scene we've ever done."

The scene occurs in the Hotel Cortez right after Gabriel (Max Greenfield) checks into his room. Gabriel, an addict, shoots up heroin and as soon as the high hits him a creepy, wrinkly-skinned demon - who looks like a cross between a burn victim and a walking maggot - pushes him onto the bed. The demon, dubbed the "The Addiction Demon," wears a strap-on dildo of pointed metal that looks like a drill bit. The demon rapes Gabriel as Sally (Sarah Paulson) the junkie ghost walks in and screams for Gabriel to tell her, "I love you, Sally." He mutters "I love you, Sally," and the demon disappears.

It's enough to turn anyone clean sober.

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Familial Zombie Molestation In 'Coven'

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Earlier in Coven, Kyle (Evan Peters) is stitched together using witchcraft after dying in a bus accident. Of course, he's not quite the same Kyle now that he's undead. Zoe Benson (Taissa Farmiga) drops Franken-Kyle off at his mother's house. Turns out Kyle's mother (Mare Winningham) hasn't been the best mom she could be. She peeks in on her son in the shower and notices he doesn't look quite the same. Later, she crawls into his bed and begins molesting him, while he, in his zombie state, is unsure how to react. All that death-induced rage tips over the edge and he grabs a nearby trophy and beats her to death with it. 

AHS loves to pair horrifying scenarios together - here molestation and murder - to pack double the gruesome punch.

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Twisty The Clown's Suicide Attempt In 'Freak Show'

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Season Four's most terrifying character is also the one with the most heartbreaking backstory. In an episode where Twisty the Clown's (John Carroll Lynch) story is revealed, we see just why he wears his gruesome smiling mask. It's an emotional and gruesome tale. Turns out Twisty wasn't always a psycho-killer. 

In the flashback, Twisty was dropped on his head as a child, leaving him mentally handicapped. He found happiness in making children smile as a clown in a local circus, but a cruel circus-goer spread rumors that Twisty molested the children who went to see his act. He was fired from the circus and tried to sell homemade toys to a local shop, but the rumors had damaged his reputation so much, the shop owners wouldn't buy them. He tried to kill himself using a shotgun, but it didn't work and instead left him completely deformed. The scene ends with him saying one of the most heart-breaking lines in all of American Horror Story: "I'm so dumb, I can't even kill myself."

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Lana Winters's Self-Given Abortion In 'Asylum'

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Asylum is a never-ending mix of brutal craziness and Lana's (Sarah Paulson) DIY abortion is a cringe-inducing scene. After finding out she's pregnant with Dr. Thredson's child, AKA Bloody Face, Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) attempts to give herself an abortion the old-fashioned way - with a coat hanger. Her abortion is unsuccessful but also unspeakably bloody.

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