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The Most Disturbing Deaths In The 'Saw' Franchise

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When it comes to gruesome horror movie ends, the Saw franchise may have the largest collection of grotesque and upsetting demises. Over the course of eight movies, people have met their end via every method a psychotic slayer could build into their "game".

Whether it's John Kramer, Detective Hoffman, or one of the other elusive assistants to Jigsaw, these are the worst death scenes in Saw - which means they're the best of the over 70 ends shown throughout the franchise.

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    Hydrofluoric Acid Injection - 'Saw VI'

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    Saw VI takes on the employees of an insurance company that denied treatment to John Kramer/Jigsaw for his cancer. The insurance company manager, William Easton, has to work his way through several games involving him choosing who survives based on arbitrary criteria - just as he did for people insured by his company. 

    After believing he has completed all of his tasks and will be set free, Easton comes face to face with the mother and son of a man that died due to insurance not covering the costs of his heart treatment. Faced with the choice of killing the man that killed his father, Brent pulls a lever and a bunch of needles slam into Easton's body, pumping hydrofluoric acid into it and causing him to painfully melt. 

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    The Brazen Bull Furnace Trap - 'Saw VII'

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    Saw VII follows Bobby Dagen as he attempts to win game after game set up for him by Detective Hoffman - one of Jigsaw's apprentices. Dagen had lied about surviving a Jigsaw game and was making money from the infamy. In one of the most savage traps in the movie, Dagen is forced to actually play the game he lied about surviving in order to save his wife, Joyce. 

    Joyce is chained to a platform while Dagen is presented with metal hooks attached to chains that he must insert into his chest muscles. He then has to use the chains to hoist himself into the air and connect two plugs to stop the oven from forming - and Joyce will be enclosed in an oven and incinerated if Dagen fails. He does, of course.

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    The Classroom Trap - 'Saw III'

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    Jigsaw-apprentice Young constructs another unwinnable game for poor Troy in Saw III. The trap itself is invasive and painful enough on its own, involving metal rings hooked into Troy's body and attached to chains that he has to remove from himself before a nail bomb goes off. 

    In the end, he's only able to rip 10 of 11 rings from his body in the time given.

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    The Death Mask/Venus Flytrap Trap - 'Saw II'

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    Michael Marks has the honor of opening Saw II with his death in the "Venus Flytrap" or "Death Mask" trap. Marks has a key surgically implanted behind his eye and an iron maiden-like mask attached to his head when he wakes up in a room alone. In order to stop the spiked mask from closing around his head, Marks has 60 seconds to dig the key out of his recently traumatized eye. He fails.

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