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The Most Disturbing Deaths In The 'Saw' Franchise  

Jodi Smith
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When it comes to gruesome horror movie deaths, the Saw franchise may have the largest collection of grotesque and upsetting demises. Over the course of eight movies, people have been ripped apart, smashed, shot, immolated, and almost every other method of murder a psychotic serial killer could build into their "game".

Whether it's John Kramer, Detective Hoffman, or one of the other elusive assistants to Jigsaw, these are the worst death scenes in Saw - which means they're the best of the over 70 kills shown throughout the franchise.

The Rack Trap - 'Saw III'

The "Rack Trap" is one of the most painful-looking traps in the Saw franchise. While adrenaline may help with the ripping of metal from one's body or inserting hooks into muscles, the "Rack Trap" slowly rotates each limb, snapping the bone and twisting the muscles. There is no instant death from the rack trap, with the man who accidentally killed the game player's son in a drunk driving incident having each limb twisted and snapped individually. Finally, and in horrifying pain, the victim's neck was snapped and he died.

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The Reverse Bear Trap - 'Saw VII'

The "Reverse Bear Trap" mask would appear in three different Saw movies, but it wasn't until the third appearance in Saw VII that fans would finally get to see it work. John Kramer's widow, Jill Tuck, would see Jigsaw-apprentice, Detective Hoffman, survive his turn in the trap - just as another apprentice (Amanda Young) survived it in the first movie. Unfortunately for Tuck, the game was rigged and when the timer ran out, her face was ripped apart, leaving a gaping, grotesque hole of gore in its place.

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The Garage Trap - 'Saw VII'

The "Garage Trap" is full of moments for viewers to wince and look away, as it involves Evan being shirtless and glued to the seat of a car. Evan is told that he has to lean forward, ripping the skin from his back, to pull a lever to stop the car from crushing Kara underneath, ripping body parts connected to the car from Dan's body, smashing through the garage door that had Jake chained to it, and ejecting Evan in a crash with another car in the junkyard where the game took place. 

Not only do viewers have to see Evan ripping his own skin off, but then Kara's face crushed by tires; Dan having his jaw and arms ripped off; Jake smashed; and Evan ejected from the car, ripping the last shreds of skin from his back before the impact kills him.

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Death By Hydrofluoric Acid Injection - 'Saw VI'

Saw VI took on the employees of an insurance company that denied a treatment to John Kramer/Jigsaw for his cancer. The insurance company manager, William Easton, has to work his way through several games involving him choosing who lives and who dies based on arbitrary criteria - just as he did for people insured by his company. 

After believing he had completed all of his tasks and would be set free, Easton comes face to face with the mother and son of a man that died due to insurance not covering the costs of his heart treatment. Faced with the choice of killing the man that killed his father, Brent pulls a lever and a bunch of needles slam into Easton's body, pumping hydrofluoric acid into it and causing him to painfully melt into a puddle of organs and sludge. 

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