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The Hands Down Most Gruesome Death Scenes From 'The Boys,' Ranked

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Fans know The Boys is the exact opposite of your typical squeaky clean superhero fare. It's brutal, unexpected, and altogether extreme. But deaths in The Boys are so creative and over the top, the carnage actually starts to become a highlight. You never know who's going out next, or exactly how they will be making their exit, but you can always rely on it being shocking and, as Billy Butcher would say, absolutely diabolical!

So whether it's a Homelander death, Deep demise, or Black Noir beating, vote up the demises from The Boys that you think were the absolute worst ways to go out. And if you're looking for more twisted The Boys content, be sure to also check out some of the most messed up things that ever happened in the comics!

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    Terrorist, Bisected By Black Noir

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    Season 2 opens up strong in the doom department when Black Noir goes to behead Naquib. But that's a pretty standard execution method. The more gruesome end actually comes moments before.

    When Black Noir moves to take out the armed guards defending Naquib's hideout, he puts his hands in one man's mouth, grabbing the top and bottom jaw. Then he pulls apart until rips the head fully in two.

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    Aleksy, Coitus-Crushed By Popclaw

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    D-list superhero Popclaw seems to have some trouble paying her rent when landlord Aleksy comes around. So the two come to an, ahem, arrangement.

    Unfortunately for Aleksy, Popclaw injected some Compound V just moments before he came to the door, so she doesn't realize her already super strength has now been boosted off the charts. As she sits on his head, she quickly loses control of the pressure she's applying, and his noggin pops like a pimple. Apparently the SFX artists used crushed watermelons as a point of reference to create the scene.

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    Whale, Boat-Butchered By Billy

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    One of the running jokes of the show is the Deep's constant endangerment of sea animals despite his empathy of them. This continues into the second season with episode 3, where he commands a whale to beach itself to create a barricade against a boat captained by Billy.

    This is bad enough as is, but then Billy decides that the only way around this obstacle is through it, and hits the gas. The point bow skewers the mammal through to the other side, spilling its innards all about in the process. 

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    So Many People, Congress Meeting Massacre By Neuman

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    In the penultimate episode of season 2, It seems Vought will finally go down in flames when the perfect witness shows up at a congressional hearing for the company's crimes. Then that witness' head explodes. Then someone else's, and another, and another.

    By the end of the scene, half the people that were present at the meeting have had their heads blown up in almost exactly the same way Rayner's was earlier. But although it's the same type of demise, it counts as a separate incident because of the sheer number of people falling with insane speed and brutality in just a few minutes. The floor just becomes an ocean of red.