Super Violent And Gruesome Halloween Decorations That Probably Crossed The Line

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Nothing beats amazing DIY Halloween decorations. Whether creating something cute with the kids or trying to scare the pants off your friends, the sky is the limit. But in some cases, these shocking Halloween decorations went too far.

There have been controversies within neighborhoods about insensitive and inappropriate decor. And while were at it, wanna talk Halloween decorations that went too far? Some people have gone so far as to use actual dead bodies as decoration. How do we know what is too far? It seems today people can get offended at anything. But when you dismember bloody baby dolls, depict real people being murdered or create something so graphic authorities arrive at your door, maybe you should tone it back a bit. Because one thing is for sure, dead babies and lynching the president is never funny. These terrifying Halloween decorations are horrifying for multiple reasons. 

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    Too Realistic For Decorations

    Too Realistic For Decorations
    Photo: Jennifer Mullins / Facebook

    This realistic death scene looked so real that a neighbor called the police, not realizing it was just decoration.

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    ISIS Themed Decorations

    ISIS Themed Decorations
    Photo: CBS NYC

    A New Jersey man set up a gruesome lawn display of a group of ISIS terrorists mannequin torturing people including a mannequin dressed as a US solider. Some of it was too violent, news outlets had to blur out parts of the images.

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    Decorations So Gruesome They Had To Come Down

    Decorations So Gruesome They Had To Come Down
    Photo: Fox13

    An Ohio family displayed a grotesque scene in where bloody life-like bodies are impaled with poles and stabbed with needles. They made the decision to take down this gory scene for their own safety after late night visits from strangers.

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    A Bloody Crib Filled With Baby Dolls

    A Bloody Crib Filled With Baby Dolls
    Photo: ABC 13

    This lawn display features a gory sight as a blood soaked crib holds demonic baby dolls naw on body parts.

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    Hanging Obama

    Hanging Obama
    Photo: Akon / Instagram

    R&B artist Akon shared a photo to his Instagram in which he saw a Halloween display which included Obama hanging from a noose at a gas station of all places. 

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    Home Depot Gets Controversial

    Home Depot Gets Controversial
    Video: YouTube

    Home Depot sold a Halloween decoration so scary, they had to take it off the shelves. This one, known as the Scary Peeper, has no blood or gore, but is sure to scare anyone who sees it.

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