12 Crazy Gruesome Moments In 'Suicide Squad' Comics

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Vote up the darkest, most disturbing, and most gruesome moments from the Suicide Squad comics.

In Superman comics, you expect hope and optimism. In Batman comics, you expect grit and darkness. In Suicide Squad comics, you expect gore - and lots of it. The Suicide Squad comics have been around for decades, but only recently have they been thrust into the spotlight thanks to the film adaptation.

But even before the movie, DC Comics have always had a hit on their hands with Suicide Squad, as it focuses on the villains kind of acting as heroes who never shy away from violence. Gory Suicide Squad comics are very easy to find because practically every issue has something incredibly dark and disturbing. The most violent Suicide Squad issues often have a character die in a shockingly brutal and gruesome way. Check out the list below for some of the goriest Suicide Squad comic books ever and vote up the moment you find the most brutal.