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12 Crazy Gruesome Moments In 'Suicide Squad' Comics

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In Superman comics, you expect hope and optimism. In Batman comics, you expect grit and darkness. In Suicide Squad comics, you expect gore - and lots of it. The Suicide Squad comics have been around for decades, but only recently have they been thrust into the spotlight thanks to the film adaptation.

But even before the movie, DC Comics have always had a hit on their hands with Suicide Squad, as it focuses on the villains kind of acting as heroes who never shy away from violence. Gory Suicide Squad comics are very easy to find because practically every issue has something incredibly dark and disturbing. The most violent Suicide Squad issues often have a character die in a shockingly brutal and gruesome way. Check out the list below for some of the goriest Suicide Squad comic books ever and vote up the moment you find the most brutal. 

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    King Shark Devours Yo Yo

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    As any fan of the series knows, if you join the Suicide Squad you should never trust your teammates - they might eat you if you let your guard down. That's what happens in Suicide Squad Vol. 4 #5 when King Shark devours Yo Yo. There was just something about that gleam in King Shark's eye that made it seem like he saw the elastic Yo Yo as an extra delicious and chewy piece of beef jerky. This brutal moment reinforced that these people are not your everyday heroes and can turn on each other in a moment's notice. 

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    Bolt, Eliza, and Larvanaut Get Eaten by Mutant Ants

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    There are gruesome ways to die, and then there are GRUESOME ways to die. A large number of Suicide Squad members die in Suicide Squad #3 Vol. 2, and their deaths definitely fall into the latter category.

    While on a mission to a dangerous island that had already killed Big Sir and the Clock King, the squad encounters a pack of hungry, mutant ants. Bolt dies first after he falls down a deep hole, breaks both legs, and can't get away from the ants in time. Next up is Eliza, who's super power helps her talk to animals. She tries talking to the ants, but conflict resolution apparently isn't their strong suit. The ants eat her too. Lavernaut, the lizard man, also tries to fight back against the swarm, but he also ends up as nothing more than ant food.

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    Windfall Gets Melted Down to Nothing

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    Suicide Squad recruits loads of dangerous criminals - it's kind of their thing. Which makes Windfall's story weird. She comes from a much more tragic background. She works for a team of villains, but isn't afraid to save lives when necessary. She eventually retires and goes to college. Her happiness is cut short when someone rapes her at a frat party. She kills the men who attacked her with her powers, and is promptly arrested for it. She then joins the Suicide Squad to get her sentence reduced, but when the team is betrayed by one of their own members in Suicide Squad Vol. 3 #7, Windfall pays the ultimate price. A gigantic chemical monster sprays her with acid until she melts and dies. 

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    Modem Gets His Face Melted Off

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    The best thing anyone in the DC Comics universe can do is avoid any and all contact with the Suicide Squad. Even working in the background for them opens you up to a gruesome death. That's what happens to Modem in Suicide Squad Vol. 2 #11. He is the team's resident hacker, who works remotely - seemingly out of the way of danger. But, the danger catches up to Modem when he starts digging too deep for information. A super villain, Digital Djinn, quickly jumps through Modem's computer, grabs him, and proceeds to melt his face off. So much for hiding in the background. 

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