The Hottest Men Of 2021, Ranked

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UPDATED: Check out the hottest men of 2022!

Another year, another list of the hottest men to walk the planet. These male celebrities have it all from pretty faces to hot, perfectly sculpted bodies; and most might agree that they are the sexiest men of 2021. 

From the smooth and sexy Michael B. Jordan and the ruggedly handsome Jason Momoa to the endearingly charming Shawn Mendes, there's something for everyone on this list of handsome men, including hard-working entertainers, captivating actors, top notch athletes, and musicians. These gorgeous men are the whole package with abs, ambition, and talent alike, but who is the most handsome man in the world? Who takes the title for the most gorgeous man alive?

Cast your votes for the most beautiful man below and continue to check this list of handsome celebrities to see who takes the top slot as the hottest male celebrity! Then we'll know who the hottest famous man in 2021 is. 

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