The Hottest Influencers Of 2022, Ranked

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This is a list of the hottest influencers of 2022, whether they be Instagram influencers, hot YouTube influencers, or hot TikTok stars. The sexy influencers below run the gamut from gamers and fitness influencers to singers, pranksters, and even doctors. 

For example, Mikhail Varshavski is definitely one of the hot social media influencers. He's known on social as Doctor Mike. Sometimes the hottest Instagram influencers come in pairs, like Keith and Kevin Hodge, Grayson and Ethan Dolan, and Marcus and Lucas Dobre. There are also hot Asian Instagram influencers, like Eugene Lee Yang and Michael Le.

Check out the many hot male influencers below, and be sure to vote up your favorites. Then, check back to see if your favorite hot Instagram and social media influencers topped our list!

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  • @imgriffinjohnson


    Griffin Johnson is an American social media star best known for his comedic and vlog videos on TikTok. The star rose to fame while studying nursing at college. Griffin signed with the talent agency ...more
  • Josh Richards



    Joshua Kenneth Richards (born January 31, 2002) is a Canadian social media influencer, musician, actor, host, and entrepreneur. He has a following on a number of social media platforms and serves as ...more
  • Vinnie Hacker



    Vinnie Hacker (born July 14, 2002) is an American Tik Tok personality and Twitch streamer, known for being a member of the Hype House.
  • Noah Beck
    33 votes



    Noah Timothy Beck (born May 4, 2001) is an American social media personality most known for his content on TikTok. In 2019, Beck was a midfielder for the Portland Pilots men's soccer.
  • PewDiePie
    61 votes



    Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish producer of Let's Play videos on YouTube. Since 15 August 2013, PewDiePie's channel has been the most subscribed ...more
  • Nick Austin

    Nick Austin

    21 votes