The Most Hated NBA Players Of 2022

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Vote up the most annoying NBA players today.

Who are the most hated active NBA players right now? Clearly, this list is totally subjective. A player who is worshipped by fans of one team is likely going to be hated by the fan base of a rival team. That's what makes sports so great: Everyone has an opinion. Now, vote for the athletes you hate the most and rerank this list in any order you want. Your reranks will affect the overall rankings on this list.

Just because a current NBA player is hated, doesn't mean he's a bad player. In some cases, it's quite the opposite: Anyone care to argue that LeBron James isn't one of the greatest current players in the NBA, and possibly one of the best NBA players of all time? If you're a huge NBA fan, you might also want to vote on these lists of the best wing players, power forwards and shooting guards in basketball, too.

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