25 Annoying UK Slang Terms That Even British People Can’t Stand

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Whether we're watching Love Island UK or The Great British Baking Show, UK slang has always been a fascinating 'langauge' for Americans to appreciate. However, many Common Wealth natives feel quite different about their homeland's quirky dialect. We found the most annoying British slang, created and critiqued by from brits all over the UK. 

  • 1. "Arks"

    Photo: u/nocnox87 / Reddit
  • 2. "Bare, Wet, Fam, Ting, Peng"

    "Bare, Wet, Fam, Ting, Peng"
    Photo: u/noobmyst / Reddit
  • 3. Upward Inflections

    Upward Inflections
    Photo: u/MurielHorseflesh / Reddit
  • 4. "Absolute Scenes"

    "Absolute Scenes"
    Photo: u/Inglejuice / Reddit
  • 5. "Boils My P*ss"

    "Boils My P*ss"
    Photo: u/MungoBubbles / Reddit
  • 6. "Somefink"

    Photo: u/bearinmyoatmeal / Reddit