20 Celebrity Social Media Posts That Totally Backfired

As we all know, everyone, including celebrities, love to give their unsolicited opinions via social media. So, when Twitter was invented, lots of Hollywood stars made sure to optimize those measly 140 characters and let everyone know what was exactly on their minds, for better or worse. Sure, celebrity tweets are fun and give fans a glimpse into the lives of famous people, but celebs often find themselves in hot water for offensive tweets and Twitter controversies.

When it comes to the celebrities on this list, 20/20 is hindsight when one wrong Tweet leads to disaster. Everything from celebrity feuds, losing money, getting fired, facing a public relations nightmare, and plain old embarrassment has occurred just because of one regrettable Tweet.

In the end, we can all learn a lesson from these celebrity tweets that backfired: always think twice before you add your two cents to a public forum. Here's a list of the most hated celebrity tweets.