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The Most Hated Players In Baseball Right Now

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This is a list of the most hated players in baseball right now! To be one of the most hated current baseball players, you actually have to have a bit of popularity. After all, most on this list are MLB players you love to hate. It doesn't take much to be hated in major league baseball. 

You can be one of the dirtiest MLB players (Manny Machado) or one of the meanest MLB players (Carlos Gomez). You can even just be a bit of a showboat to taste the venom of MLB fans and purists (Yasiel Puig). Sometimes, players earn the ire of fans just by not living up to incredibly lofty expectations (Bryce Harper). 

So vote for who you think is the most hated player in baseball right now and be sure to share the list with your fellow baseball fans so they can vote.

  • Photo: Keith Allison / Wikimedia Commons

    Manny Machado is one of the best players in all of baseball, but even the best players do whatever they can to gain an edge. Machado has been known for sliding dirty and had a few on-the-field incidents that drew the ire of baseball viewers, particularly during his 2018 playoff run with the Dodgers.

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    • Photo: Arturo Pardavila / Wikimedia Commons

      Roberto Osuna became a controversial and hated player in the 2018 season when serving a 75-game suspension for a domestic assault violation. This chapter of his life was brought back to light less than a year and a half later when the assistant general manager of the Houston Astros yelled at several female reporters in the locker room that he was happy they traded for Osuna last season. His domestic assault violation is going to be a black cloud that hangs over the rest of his career. 

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      • Ryan Braun became a villain to Major League Baseball fans after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs and proceeding to lie about using them for several years. He finally admitted to using them, but the wounds of his sharp lies are still fresh among baseball lovers everywhere. 

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        • Photo: Steve Paluch / Wikimedia Commons

          Carlos Gómez has a reputation for starting brawls and taunting other teams after successful at-bats. Gómez is an irritant and that's enough for a lot of people to hate him. 

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