The Most Hated Musicians in America

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Artists that are widely hated in the U.S. Their number of detractors are almost as big as that of their devoted fan base.
Maybe they're not bad musicians; maybe not everybody in America hates them. One thing is for sure, if these artists decided to stop making music, very few people would be upset. This list acknowledges musical artists that are widely hated in America. For the record, these decisions aren't personal, but in a sense we can understand why most people hate them. One Direction? Check! Ke$ha? Gotcha! Nicki Minaj? Done! Justin Beiber? Of course! Some of these artists are widely talented and are on this list for their off stage antics. Others aren't, but are still widely popular. Fans can vote and add to see which artists is the most hated in the United States of America. And one more thing, when you do vote or add, please don't be biased (just because you may not like Rihanna doesn't mean the rest of America feels the same way).

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    Justin Bieber
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Why He's Loved?
    The beloved teen heartthrob won hearts all over America, with his cute, humble, demeanor in the beginning of his career. Songs like "Never Say Never" made him a role model for kids everywhere, and tween girls couldn't control themselves. He seemed like a guy you could trust with your daughter. That was then...

     Why We Hate Him

    Before, it seemed as if people were just jealous of his success. Sure, his lack of singing ability and cheesy songs spawned a whole army of haters to go to war with the Beliebers, but his behavior off stage made it really hard for anyone to feel sorry for
     him. His multiple attempts to come across as masculine--smoking weed, hanging out with "rappers", trying to grow a mustache--are laughable. Now, he just comes across as an arrogant little brat who has even managed to piss off former president Bill Clinton. And to make matters worse, two videos have surfaced of Biebs making racist remarks early in his career, so I guess he's been a douche for like...ever. Now, there's a petition out to have him deported (10,000 signatures and counting). 

    UPDATE: After being roasted on Comedy Central, Justin seems to be geared towards a comeback. He came back strong on the charts with "Where Are U Now?", an EDM collaboration with Diplo and Skrillex.

     (For more on why we hate the Biebs, checkout the Douchiest Things Justin Bieber Has Ever Done
    • Genres (Music): Contemporary R&B, Pop
    • Albums: One Time, Baby, My World, Under the Mistletoe, As Long as You Love Me
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    Why He's Loved
    A teen-pop sensation right out the gate, C-Breezy won the hearts of millions of girls everywhere, and drew comparisons to Michael Jackson and Usher for his impeccable dancing, boyish charm, and flawless smile.

    Why We Hate Him

    Like the Biebs, Breezy's thin vocal abilities earned him a small batch of naysayers, but he was still one of the biggest pop sensations of his time. Then one horrible incident with Rihanna later, he is still a target of comedic satire and ridicule. While his music manages to shift the focus for one minute, he can't stay out of the tabloids the next. Whether it be for his graffiti, his rocky love life or for throwing down with Drake, Frank Ocean, a photo bomber, or even a mirror.

    UPDATE: Chris' personal life is still in limbo. After ending his probation for that incident in 2009, he fathered a child, and is in a custody battle with the mother of  that child. But still his music still warrants a countless number of hits, and his fans--unlike these hoes--have been very loyal.
    • Genres (Music): Contemporary R&B, Hip hop, Pop
    • Albums: Exclusive, F.A.M.E., Run It!, In My Zone, Graffiti
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  • Insane Clown Posse
    Photo: uploaded by malmrphy

    Why Their Loved
    Uh, we're not sure why, but they are. They have certified gold and platinum records, and a devoted following called "The Juggalos".

    Why We Hate Them
    How can we put this, politely: THEIR MUSIC FUCKING SUCKS!! And even worse, are their devout Juggalos, now seen as a gang; there have been a countless number of murders and robberies by people that claim to be Juggalos.    
    • Genres (Music): Hip hop music, Horrorcore, Gangsta rap, Rap rock, Comedy hip hop
    • Albums: A Carnival Christmas, The Wraith: Shangri-La, The Wraith: Hell's Pit, Forgotten Freshness Volumes 1 & 2, Carnival of Carnage
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    Why He's Loved
    Let's face it: this man is pretty damn talented. A standout lyricist with an impressive musical ear, almost every Kanye album is considered either classic or excellent by critics. Every time he releases music, we're hooked. Every album he makes is always better than the last. And he's not afraid to speak his mind either.

    Why We Hate Him
    He has something called a "lack of filter". And that character flaw has prompted him to calling out the president, and snatching the mic from Justice vs. SImian at the EMA awards, and more notably from Taylor Swift during the VMA's causing even more of a stir. The backlash only deepened when he began a relationship with Kim Kardashian, comparing her to Marilyn Monroe.   
    • Genres (Music): Hip hop
    • Albums: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Late Registration, The College Dropout, Watch the Throne, Graduation
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  • Limp Bizkit/Fred Durst
    Photo: Matthew Straubmuller / Flickr

    Why Their Loved
    After Korn, Limp Bizkit were seen as the champions of the nu-metal movement of the late '90s, early '00s. Fred Durst was an even bigger celebrity, thanks to his in-your-face attitude and rapping.

    Why We Hate Them/Him
    For many people, their music is waned and uninspiring. Durst in particular, has been called a "poser", and has an extremely obnoxious personality. He also has claimed to have slept with both Britney and Christina, with both pop princesses denying it profusely. Can you blame them?   
    • Genres (Music): Nu metal, Rap rock, Rap metal
    • Albums: Significant Other, Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water, Three Dollar Bill, Yall$, Gold Cobra
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    Courtney Love
    Photo: uploaded by malmrphy

    Why She's Loved
    As the lead vocalist in the band Hole, Love was praised and heralded as the "Princess of Grunge". Her attitude, style, and musical prowess has influenced a whole generation of young women in rock music.

    Why We Hate Her 
    While her attitude inspired many, it has also rubbed others the wrong way. Case in point: she has been known to hurl insults and objects at fellow celebrities (see her transparently "friendly" confrontation with Madonna at the 1995 VMAs). Many conspiracy theorists also blame her for her husband, Kurt Cobain's suicide--due to their public marital problems. And lest we forget, to the rest of Nirvana, she was another Yoko Ono. Nowadays she is known more for being drunk and high than for her musical legacy. 

    UPDATE: Courtney has been looking and sounding better, staying clean, and generally staying out of the spotlight. She's also building up an acting resume with appearance on Sons of Anarchy and Empire. 

    • Genres (Music): Noise rock, Grunge, Folk rock, Power pop, Post-grunge
    • Albums: America's Sweetheart, 1993-09-08: Rock Against Rape Benefit, Club Lingerie, Hollywood, Los Angeles
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