The Most Hated TV Characters of All Time

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Television is fun, but some TV characters are just the worst. For every beloved character on television, whether it be Mary Tyler Moore of The Mary Tyler Moore Show or everyone's favorite resident of the Seven Kingdoms, Tyrion Lannister, there is an equally and adamantly disliked character on the tube (hi, Joffrey and Cousin Oliver!!). This list ranks the worst of the worst, including all the most terrible television characters and most hated TV characters of all time.

Yes, it's true that not everyone is going to like every character on a show, just as not everyone will like every person in real life. However, you will find that there are some characters that are so universally detested by everyone that no one bats an eye when they learn they're near the top of this list of awful TV characters. Have you ever stopped watching a show simply because one character annoyed you so much? This is a list about those guys and gals.

The list includes some of the most vile TV characters. They aren't necessarily vile because they are bad or evil, but simply because every time they come on the screen, you wish they'd just go away.  In other words, they're not characters you "love to hate," they're unpopular, disliked, and even annoying characters you just absolutely can't stand.

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