The 15 Most Haunted Cities In The US

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Although most US cities likely have at least one resident 'ghost,' or a creaky building that no one goes into, some places are steeped in haunted history. The most haunted cities in America are all over the map, with paranormal mythology and urban legends flourishing in every US state, often intertwined with real-life historical events in interesting ways.   

This list of the most haunted cities in the United States features places with a rich history of creepy lore, legends, and hangouts for shadowy souls and spirits.

  • Apparitions Lurk In The Lunatic Asylum Building In Athens, OH 
    Photo: Asoepp44 / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

    Athens, OH, is home to such attractions as breweries, wineries, and even a hot dog museum. It's also home to the Athens Lunatic Asylum, which treated patients using psychotropic medication, electroshock therapy, and lobotomies for more than 100 years. Patients who lived there suffered from afflictions that were reportedly treated with intense cruelty by staff and physicians. 

    At Athens' Simms Cemetery, visitors have reported seeing the ghost of the cemetery's namesake and former city official, John Simms, watching his victims being hanged from a tree near the property. 

    Wilson Hall at Athens University, which has been closed and sealed, is said to reside in the middle of a geographical pentagram with a cemetery at each point. The building is rumored to have been built over a Native American burial ground, so spiritual unrest is prevalent at the site. 

  • New Orleans, the site of many real and fictional horrorscapes, has long been known as one the creepiest cities in the US. 

    Madame Marie Delphine McCarty LaLaurie is perhaps the most notable spirit in New Orleans' history. She was known for wanton cruelty toward the enslaved people she kept in the house, and accounts of her actions detail some of the worst inhumanity the city has ever seen. Though the building she once inhabited, the LaLaurie Mansion, was stormed and burned once people learned of her wicked ways, it was later rebuilt and is said to house her evil spirit

    New Orleans is home to other haunted souls, including the Woman in Black at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar, past patrons of the Carousel Piano Bar & Lounge, and former gambler Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan at Muriel's Jackson Square (a restaurant that was formerly his mansion). 

  • Around 35,000 men were lost at the battle of Gettysburg, PA, so it's not surprising that some of those spirits might still roam the grounds. The worst of the fighting took place at a rock formation called the Devil's Den, which seems to be the most prominent location within the battlefield for paranormal activity. Cell phones, cameras, and paranormal investigation equipment often stop working there, and ghosts in uniform have been reported as far back as 1939. 

    Gettysburg National Cemetery, Little Round Top (another battle site), and a former orphanage are other top destinations for spectral sightings.

  • Fall River, MA, might appear to be just another lovely northeastern US city near the coast, but residents and visitors claim to have witnessed the presence of spooky inhabitants. 

    Lizzie Borden is said to have bludgeoned her father Andrew and stepmother Abby in the town in 1892 while they slept, although she was acquitted due to lack of sufficient evidence. Her family home still stands in Fall River as a testament to the brutal slayings, and is now a bed-and-breakfast. Many guests have reported flickering lights, a woman's cries, and a ghostly woman dressed in clothing true to the era. Visitors have also reported a strange light in Oak Grove Cemetery in Fall River, where Lizzie Borden is buried. 

    Fall River is also reportedly haunted by a renegade Native American who, in 1675, was thrown by fellow Native Americans from the enormous Abram's Rock in Fall River - a drop of over 40 feet - three times, with a promise that he would be released if he survived. It's said that he lived through the first two falls, but perished on the third plunge. Legend persists that wooded areas around the rock are haunted by his spirit.