The Most Haunted Hotels In Every State

For the paranormally minded, there’s nothing better than a haunted hotel. Sure, a five-star resort or an apartment rented from an app are all well and good, but they don’t come with the same gruesome amenities as a haunted hotel room. Screams coming from down the hall, inexplicable cold spots in the corridors, and the feeling that you’re being watched as you sleep - you can only get those in a creepy hotel.

Nearly every major city in the United States from Los Angeles to New York City has a scary hotel, but these are the most haunted hotels in the country. Some of these paranormal hotspots have been around since the late 1700s, which means they’ve had plenty of time to accrue all those sweet, sweet poltergeists that you want out of a hotel stay. Some advertise their ghostly residents; others would rather you not know about them. It really depends on whether the things that go bump in the night at a given hotel are friendly or not. 

Keep in mind, these haunted hotels aren’t some fly-by-night operation; there’s no outdoor parking or doors that face a highway like at some kind of haunted motel. These haunted hotels are classy, and that means the ghosts are, too. If this survey whets your appetite for some paranormal travel, don't forget to sign the guestbook! 


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    South Dakota: Hotel Alex Johnson

    • Location: Rapid City, SD
    • When Was It Built: 1927
    • Haunted History: This South Dakota hotel plays host to the "Lady in White," a ghost bride who jumped to her doom from Room 812. She walks through the eighth floor still wearing the gown in which she lost her life. Aside from this depressing apparition, visitors can sometimes glimpse former owner, Alex Johnson, chilling in the foyer to greet visitors. 
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    Washington: Mayflower Park Hotel

    • Location: Seattle, WA
    • When Was It Built: 1927
    • Haunted History: This hotel in the Pacific Northwest is haunted by a few different ghosts. Some are only interested in speaking to other apparitions, but others are happy to pester the guests. There's a ghostly "greeter" who says hello to newcomers, and an elderly man reportedly lives in Room 1120. Guests have stated they feel like they're being watched whenever they stay in that room. 
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    Oregon: The Geiser Grand Hotel

    Oregon: The Geiser Grand Hotel
    Photo: Ambercarben / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0
    • Location: Baker City, OR
    • When Was It Built: 1889
    • Haunted History: Multiple apparitions float through this hotel, but the most regular occurrence is the appearance of "The Blue Lady." This ghost wears a blue night gown and traipses up and down the main staircase. 
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    North Dakota: Rough Riders Hotel

    • Location: Medora, ND
    • When Was It Built: 1884
    • Haunted History: The Rough Rider Hotel is beset with the spirit of a little boy who plays throughout the building. Residents who haven't seen the child have heard his laughter, which in many ways is even more creepy. 
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    Oklahoma: The Skirvin Hotel

    • Location: Oklahoma City, OK
    • When Was It Built: 1911
    • Haunted History: In this truly creepy haunting, locals believe that after a maid who had an affair with the owner jumped to her doom from the hotel with their illegitimate baby, they both immediately began haunting the Skirvin. Visitors can hear the baby crying throughout the hotel, and some have claimed to see the maid standing unclothed in front of them. 
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    North Carolina: Green Park Inn Hotel

    North Carolina: Green Park Inn Hotel
    Photo: G Keith Hall / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0
    • Location: Blowing Rock, NC
    • When Was It Built: 1891
    • Haunted History: A spirit wanders the third floor of the Green Park Inn, where she sticks close to Room 318, putting electronics on the fritz whenever she comes near. Locals believe the woman ended her own life after she was unceremoniously dumped on her wedding day. 
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    Nebraska: Argo Hotel

    • Location: Crofton, NE
    • When Was It Built: 1912
    • Haunted History: The Argo has been a mainstay in Nebraska for over 100 years and, for decades, visitors have been experiencing cold spots and pictures that move through the hotel on their own. Some have even claimed they've seen the ghost of a woman wandering the halls, looking for her lost baby. 
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    West Virginia: Clarion Hotel Morgan

    • Location: Morgantown, WV
    • When Was It Built: 1925
    • Haunted History: Guests at the Hotel Morgan have noted cold spots and strange noises occurring throughout the halls, but it's Room 314 that's really frightening. Guests have said the ghost of a girl who drowned in the bathtub watches them sleep, and that an extremely morose feeling comes over them when they go to the bathroom. 
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    Virginia: The Martha Washington Inn

    • Location: Abingdon, VA
    • When Was It Built: 1832
    • Haunted History: The Martha Washington Inn is full of restless spirits, cold spots, and things that go bump in the night, but the scariest of all the creatures lurks below the hotel. According to locals and former guests, there's an entity in a tunnel beneath the hotel that's not only frightening, but everyone who's experienced it claims it has malevolent intent
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    New Jersey: Union Hotel

    • Location: Flemington, NJ
    • When Was It Built: 1878
    • Haunted History: Visitors to the Union Hotel have had to try to sleep through strange voices and an entity that gets physical with guests, pushing them around. A manager told Weird NJ, "I could feel the pressure of it right up against me, pushing on my chest. It was making it hard for me to breathe. I didn’t feel threatened. I simply asked it to move away and leave me alone. Then it was gone."
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    Rhode Island: The Newport Beach Hotel

    • Location: Middletown, RI
    • When Was It Built: 1940
    • Haunted History: The ghosts of the Newport Beach Hotel have been known to keep the guests up at night with their lively pot-and-pans routine. The spirits bang the cutlery together while rapping on the shutters in the hotel's annex. Some spirits have even been known to rearrange the tools of work crews working at the hotel.
  • Tennessee: The Peabody Hotel
    Photo: Trevorbirchett / Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0
    • Location: Memphis, TN
    • When Was It Built: 1869 
    • Haunted History: The Peabody Hotel in Memphis is home to more than families of cute little ducks that walk through the lobby; it's also the home of some spooky spirits. One wanders the 11th floor and whispers to the guests, and there are numerous cold spots that pop up all over that same floor. If you're averse to hauntings and just came to see the ducks, try to get a room closer to the ground. 
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    South Carolina: Pelican Inn

    • Location: Pawleys Island, SC
    • When Was It Built: 1840s 
    • Haunted History: This island inn has been around going on 200 years, which is more than enough time to earn some ghosts. Most visitors report sightings of a "gray man" who walks along the beach and even inside the hotel. Another ghost, that of a maid, goes about her job throughout the day, never paying attention to the hotel's visitors.
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    Texas: Sheraton Gunter Hotel

    • Location: San Antonio, TX
    • When Was It Built: 1909
    • Haunted History: After a horrific slaying occurred in Room 636 of this hotel in 1965, its spiritual alignment has never been the same. Since the incident, visitors in neighboring rooms have claimed to hear terrifying sounds coming from Room 636, even when it's unoccupied. Guests have also noted the presence of a woman walking the halls with her arms outstretched, as if in dire need of help. 
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    Utah: Holiday Inn Express

    Utah: Holiday Inn Express
    Photo: shiloinnshotels / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0
    • Location: Salt Lake City, UT
    • When Was It Built: 1970s
    • Haunted History: In spite of the relative newness of this hotel, it's still quite the haunt. The hotel was previously known as the Shilo Inn; this iteration is where a woman carried out a slaying/suicide with her children by throwing them and then herself over the balcony of her room. Guests have claimed to hear children laughing around the pool when no one's there, and the maintenance crew at the hotel claims their tools move and light bulbs unscrew themselves on the 13th floor. 
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    Ohio: Hotel Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

    • Location: Cincinnati, OH
    • When Was It Built: 1931
    • Haunted History: This Ohio hotel houses a spirit known as the "Lady in Green," a ghost that floats around the mezzanine level. She's been seen by visitors, as well as construction workers who were renovating the hotel in the early '80s. People have also seen green orbs floating around the halls in the middle of the night. 
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    Wisconsin: Karsten Hotel

    • Location: Kewaunee, WI
    • When Was It Built: 1912
    • Haunted History: One spirit who's been seen in this haunted hotel is its late housekeeper Agatha, who makes her way through the hotel all night. In Room 310, the hotel's former owner, William Karsten Sr., can be found lounging and making the place his own. According to ABC, when a group of paranormal investigators paid a visit to the hotel, one of their tripods was thrown across the room.
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    Montana: The Grand Union Hotel

    • Location: Fort Benton, MT
    • When Was It Built: 1882
    • Haunted History: As a hotel in one of the oldest cities in Montana, the Grand Union has seen plenty of ghostly action. A blue light with no origin flashes through Room 202, and many have seen a strange man in a long coat walking the halls. 
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    Wyoming: Old Faithful Inn

    Wyoming: Old Faithful Inn
    Photo: Jim Peaco / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain
    • Location: Yellowstone National Park, WY
    • When Was It Built: 1903
    • Haunted History: You wouldn't expect a hotel in the middle of a national park to be haunted, but this spot has some of the highest levels of paranormal activity in the country. Not only do doors open and close on their own, but the ghost of a headless bride has been seen stalking the halls. 
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    Pennsylvania: Hotel Bethlehem

    Pennsylvania: Hotel Bethlehem
    Photo: Lmunjone / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0
    • Location: Bethlehem, PA
    • When Was It Built: 1741
    • Haunted History: This hotel has been around for so long it's teeming with ghosts, spooks, and specters. Hotel management notes that while they have a plethora of ghosts, they're all good-natured. These full-bodied apparitions can be seen everywhere from the exercise room to the boiler room. Room 932 has a ghost who's not afraid to wake up its inhabitants and ask why they're in its room.