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The Most Haunted Stretches Of Roads Across The United States

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The invention of the internet has been an invaluable asset for those interested in ghosts and the supernatural. Before there were collections of haunted properties, we were left with only local folklore and urban legends.

The truth is, if you live in the United States, there might be a haunted road within 100 miles of your house. For a select few, you may live near Archer Avenue, the most haunted road in America. This may seem presumptuous, but the sheer dearth of ghost stories from big cities, to the most haunted highways, to remote rural dirt roads imply there might really be something spooky going on at these creepy locales.

For those who are genuinely spooked, the least you can do is arm yourself with knowledge and avoid any road that has "Blood" in the name.

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    Boy Scout Lane - Stevens Point, WI

    Boy Scout Lane is named for the terrible tragedy that supposedly transpired there in the 1950s. A Scoutmaster took his boys camping in this rural community in central Wisconsin, and all seemed to be well until the boys disappeared while the Scoutmaster slept. 

    The local community attempted to find the boys before winter, and when they failed, the boys were assumed deceased. In some versions of the urban legend, they were murdered by the Scoutmaster, in others they starve to death. Regardless, there is no happy ending.

    Decades later, those who pass through Boy Scout Lane may still hear the voices of children whispering and playing in the woods.

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    Route 44 - Rehoboth, MA

    The unnamed ghost that haunts this old colonial town in coastal Massachusetts appears to be a hitchhiker, often standing on the side of or in the middle of the road. Terrified drivers have driven through him, shocked and disturbed by the lack of carnage. 

    The locals say he is very tall and strong, with red hair and fair skin. He has the appearance of a strapping, working man, aside from his lifeless eyes. He is most often seen by those who are driving alone, and some who have stopped for him say that he laughs, yells, or taunts them before disappearing into the night.

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    Mount Misery Road - Huntington, NY

    Two roads called Sweet Hallow Road and Mount Misery Road almost connect on a nature preserve in Long Island, and they are both equally terrifying. There are a number of stories surrounding this beautiful area once inhabited by Walt Whitman, many of which are chilling.

    The prevailing tale states there was once a psychiatric hospital in the woods that burned to the ground, taking all of the staff and patients down with it. When a new hospital was built around 10 years later, there was something undeniably "off" about it. Some even report it had a distinct burning smell and faint screams could be heard in the distance. Before long, the second hospital burned down as well.

    People claim you can sometimes see the patient who started the first fire dancing in a hospital gown on the side of the road.

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    Route 2A - Haynesville, ME

    The hairpin turn on Route 2A in Haynesville, ME, is said to be haunted by both ghosts and unexplainable accidents. An unsettling number of drivers have suddenly perished trying to swing this turn during the frigid winter. And people who have driven along this road have also reported a young woman with a noticeable "chill" about her.

    She has been seen hitchhiking, under the premise of losing her husband in a car collision. As the driver with the woman in tow reaches the edge of the forest, she vanishes suddenly. Others claim the ghost of a young girl walks along the road as well, and she may be connected to the woman hitchhiker.

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