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The 16 Most Heartbreaking Patriots Moments of All Time

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One of the most consistent franchises in all of sports over since the mid 1990s, the New England Patriots and their fans have had very little to complain about. But that doesn't mean the Pats haven't had their share of setbacks and heartbreaking losses, injuries, and poor management decisions. Patriots players have given their all throughout the years, but in these instances it just wasn't enough. The low points in this NFL team's history have gutted fans, and seen great seasons end.

Take future Hall of Fame quarterback by the name of Tom Brady and, arguably, the best head coach in NFL history, Bill Belichick, and the Pats have enjoyed five Super Bowl trips and three wins with those two at the helm in Foxboro Stadium. But the Patriots have also suffered some tough Super Bowl losses, lost great players to unexpected injuries, and seen promising draft picks turn out to be duds.

These are the most heartbreaking moments from the Patriots's storied football history and if you're a fan of the Pats, you remember them well. Vote for the letdowns that hurt the most and hope for the best next time your New England Patriots take the field.
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    2011 AFC Playoff Loss to New York Jets

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    It's no secret that the New England Patriots and New York Jets have lots of dislike for one another. That's why the Pats losing to the Jets in the 2011 AFC Playoffs is so tough to swallow, because it came at the hands of a huge rival.

    Playing at home in front of a packed house in Foxborough, the Pats found themselves trailing 14-3 at halftime before making a run and blowing it in the fourth quarter, losing 28-21 in a rare postseason home defeat.

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    Rob Gronkowski's Injury History

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    No one ever wants to see a player get injured, but when that guy happens to be one of the most dynamic and lethal tight ends in the NFL, things are even harder to accept. Unfortunately, that was the case with Rob Gronkowski and the Patriots, with the tight end battling injuries throughout his career - yet, remarkably, bouncing back quickly.

    Gronk is a monster when on the gridiron, but it's the lack of consistency sometimes that makes Pats fans sweat.
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    Tom Brady's Knee Injury

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    While losing former quarterback Drew Bledsoe was a major blow to the franchise, the scare Patriots fans got when they saw Tom Brady holding his knee in agony years later was even worse.

    Coming off a record-breaking season, Brady had fans excited about a possible return to the Super Bowl and more great memories. Instead, he was shelved in the first quarter of the first game of the season, giving way to Matt Cassel's chance to lead the offense - which he did quite well, actually.

    Brady fully recovered, but it was still scary a scary sight to see in New England.
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    1976 AFC Playoff Loss to Oakland Raiders

    Allowing the Oakland Raiders to come back on them during a Divisional Playoff game while on the road had to have been devastating for the New England faithful.

    With Pats quarterback Steve Grogan unable to avoid turnovers, they gave up a touchdown to Raiders signal-caller Ken Stabler with just 14 seconds left for the final points in the 24-21 loss.
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