The 16 Most Heartbreaking Patriots Moments of All Time

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Upvote the most unforgettable (in a bad way) moments from the history of the New England Patriots NFL franchise.

One of the most consistent franchises in all of sports over since the mid 1990s, the New England Patriots and their fans have had very little to complain about. But that doesn't mean the Pats haven't had their share of setbacks and heartbreaking losses, injuries, and poor management decisions. Patriots players have given their all throughout the years, but in these instances it just wasn't enough. The low points in this NFL team's history have gutted fans, and seen great seasons end.

Take future Hall of Fame quarterback by the name of Tom Brady and, arguably, the best head coach in NFL history, Bill Belichick, and the Pats have enjoyed five Super Bowl trips and three wins with those two at the helm in Foxboro Stadium. But the Patriots have also suffered some tough Super Bowl losses, lost great players to unexpected injuries, and seen promising draft picks turn out to be duds.

These are the most heartbreaking moments from the Patriots's storied football history and if you're a fan of the Pats, you remember them well. Vote for the letdowns that hurt the most and hope for the best next time your New England Patriots take the field.