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18 Extremely Heroic Anime Moments That Deserve Recognition

Updated 31 Aug 2020 28.0k votes 4.8k voters 113.7k views18 items

Anime is full of heroic moments, but some of them stand out above the rest.

Some of the most heroic anime moments are huge, sweeping events where the hero saves a vast quantity of people at once - that's what happens when Saitama blasts a meteor to bits in One Punch Man, and when All Might defeats All For One in a grand final stand. Others are more interpersonal, like when Zenitsu protects a box that he knows contains a potentially dangerous demon for Tanjiro's sake in Demon Slayer, or when Tohru Honda goes after Kyo in his monster form in Fruits Basket.

Whether they're helping one person or many, these heroes are truly impressive. Which moments are your favorites?

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