18 Extremely Heroic Anime Moments That Deserve Recognition

Anime is full of heroic moments, but some of them stand out above the rest.

Some of the most heroic anime moments are huge, sweeping events where the hero saves a vast quantity of people at once - that's what happens when Saitama blasts a meteor to bits in One Punch Man, and when All Might defeats All For One in a grand final stand. Others are more interpersonal, like when Zenitsu protects a box that he knows contains a potentially dangerous demon for Tanjiro's sake in Demon Slayer, or when Tohru Honda goes after Kyo in his monster form in Fruits Basket.

Whether they're helping one person or many, these heroes are truly impressive. Which moments are your favorites?


  • As if we needed more reasons to love Zoro, this scene from the "Thriller Bark Arc" came along and gave us one of the most heroic scenes in One Piece. After Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats are knocked out, Zoro pleads with Kuma to spare Luffy's life. Kuma agrees and offers him a deal: If Zoro takes all of Luffy's pain, he will spare him. And of course, Zoro takes the deal without hesitation. Kuma takes all of Luffy's pain and turns it into a large bubble. Despite the high chance that he might die from the excruciating pain, Zoro enters the bubble and saves Luffy. Even after all this, Zoro refuses to burden his friends with the truth, claiming that "nothing happened." Seriously, anyone would be lucky to have a friend like Zoro.

  • Mirio Takes A Bullet For Eri In 'My Hero Academia'
    Photo: Bones

    There's a reason why Mirio was considered a top candidate to become All Might's successor. He's the true embodiment of what it means to be a hero. During his fight with Overhaul, he sacrifices his quirk to protect Eri from the Quirk-Destroying bullet. It's a devastating moment for a hero-in-training as all his hard work and dreams are instantly crushed. But he quickly proves that he doesn't need a quirk to be a hero. Mirio continues to fight Overhaul for several minutes after without his quirk. It's an inspiring and moving scene that made us all shed a few tears.

  • My Hero Academia is literally a series about heroes in training, so just about every climactic scene involves a heroic moment or two. That being said, lets zero in on one of the most memorable ones of the series - All Might's last stand against his nemesis All For One.

    With the last embers of his quirk about to go out, he faces down the person who once nearly destroyed him, and who has an arsenal of stockpiled quirks on his side. He gathers his strength and uses his signature attack, United States of Smash. This is his last act as a professional hero, but it's among his greatest feats. 

  • One Piece is as series that serves up a constant onslaught of heroic moments, but this one is particularly meaningful, because it's also a character defining moment. Bon Clay was once a member of the Baroque Works, and as a result, he was Luffy's enemy. But despite starting off on bad terms, the two would ultimately become good friends.

    In fact, their bond was so strong that during the Impel Down arc, Bon Clay hides Luffy's ship, Going Merry, and disguises himself and his men as the members of the Straw Hat Crew in order to give them a chance to escape. This, of course, meant facing down the Marines with no guarantee of survival. While Bon Clay does survive, he's willing to take the chance that he won't for Luffy's sake.