The 20 Most Heroic Anime Sacrifices Of All Time

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Not all anime arcs wrap up with a totally happy ending. In series' darkest moments, insurmountable obstacles often appear, and some issues can only be resolved if beloved characters gets hurt. Many anime heroes die trying to solve such problems, and it takes a particularly brave spirit to walk knowingly into mortal peril. 

While a lot of heroic anime sacrifices involve a loss of life, some characters survive, but surrender something of equal importance to get the job done. While Madoka Kaname of Puella Magi Madoka Magica gains power after she become a deity, the transformation obliterates her closest relationships, as she loses all ties to the human world. 

Whether they occur in action-packed shonen stories or heart-wrenching romances, the best anime character sacrifices feature high stakes. The fate of the world often hangs in the balance, but it can be just as exciting to watch a character give up everything to protect the person they care the most about. 

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