33 Funny Tweets About The FBI Guy Watching You Through Your Webcam

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For those of you unimportant enough to make the CIA's watchlist, tweets about the FBI watching you through your webcam serve as a reminder that you do matter. Funny FBI webcam tweets take an extremely negative thing — the loss of privacy — and make light of the fact some government agent out there (probably) watches and documents whenever you Google search "celebrity feet pics."

If you thought your webcam fails and search history stay safely within the confines of your MacBook Air, think again. Putting tape on your webcam and browsing in incognito-mode on Chrome only accomplish so much, so why not abandon trivial precautions and just embrace the ideas put forth in the hilarious FBI agent tweets below? Rather than go through the tumultuous, not to mention legally murky, process of resisting the government, hilarious tweets about the FBI agent in your webcam strive to make the most of your unwilling yet unavoidable relationship.

Clever FBI surveillance tweets put the "con" into "Panopticon," turning an invasion of privacy into an opportunity for self-promotion. Exes come and go, but federal agents in your webcam last forever, or at least as long as the law allows them to get away with it. 

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    Google House Of Horrors


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    Taking Tabs


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    Damnit, Janet


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    I Want Candy


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    Show 'Em How It's Done


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    Same Agent, Different Operating System