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The 15 Most Honorable Anime Characters of All Time

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Sometimes, the most impressive trait an anime character can display is honor. Honorable characters are committed to their ideals, and they don't use underhanded means to accomplish their goals. They respect their opponents enough to fight fair, they're loyal to their allies, and they don't accept any substitute for living by their own moral code - whatever that code might be. 

There are plenty of honorable anime characters worth celebrating. One of the most commonly cited characters with this trait is Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin, whose sense of honor led him to give up his past as a mercenary and take up the life of a pacifist. There's also Saber from the Fate series, whose code of ethics is so strong that she refuses to back down on it, even when it puts her at a disadvantage in battle. More recently, there's Senku from Dr. Stone, who may not have a stereotypically honorable personality, but whose commitment to science runs deep.

  • When many anime fans think about the concept of honor, Kenshin Himura is the first character to come to mind. In his early life, he was a mercenary who took countless lives. He eventually realized that there was no way he could continue his bloody path, and that he would pursue a life of peace. While he'll use violence if he absolutely has to in order to defend his loved ones, he always tries to resolve things peacefully. He truly believes in the sanctity of all life, no matter what.

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    Mumen Rider - 'One Punch Man'

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    Mumen Rider isn't a high ranking or even particularly talented hero, but the one thing that makes him truly special is his honor. He wants to create a safe world for people to live in, so he's willing to put his life on the line when villains show their faces. It doesn't matter if he thinks he stands a chance at winning, he won't back down because he considers that to be his duty. 

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    Kazuma Kuwabara - 'Yu Yu Hakusho'

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    Kazuma Kuwabara lives by a strict code of honor - wanting to fight every man who comes at him with his full vigor, refusing to fight women under any circumstances, and staying loyal to his friends. This sometimes leads to taking on opponents who are more powerful than he is when he's gravely injured, or letting female opponents beat the snot out of him because he refuses to hit a lady, but he still won't back down from his principles even when others advise him to do so.

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    Saber is a servant whose primary purpose in life is to win the Holy Grail War - but she isn't going to compromise her morals to get there. Underhanded tricks won't do for Saber, she'd much rather have a direct, one-on-one confrontation with her enemy, even if it means risking her own safety. Her code of ethics leads her into repeated conflicts with Kiritsugu during the Fourth War, as he has a more strategic mindset.

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