Celebrities You Think Are The Most Humble

Humble: to have or show a low estimate of one's own importance. Humility is a rare virtue, particularly in a social media-saturated world where narcissism reigns, and it's often associated with trustworthiness or being "down-to-earth." An icon who by definition is always in the spotlight, isn’t the typical poster child for someone with an unassuming demeanor. As Kendrick Lamar ironically raps to his competition: “Sit down, be humble” …in theory so that Kendrick can then have the stage to himself. That’s how NOT to be humble.

There are, however, some notable celebs who are not only exceedingly famous (and often wealthy), but who also tend to shy away from the spotlight and live simply while generously working behind-the-scenes for philanthropic and social justice causes. From movie stars to former presidents to musicians, 

Is anyone missing from the list who should receive a shoutout for thankless heroism? Or have you observed one of these celebrities boast once too often to be considered humble? Vote and re-rank this list!

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