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The Most Humiliating Fortnite Deaths

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The odds of winning at Fortnite are always against you. After all, there can be only one winner at the end of the day. We'd all like to think they're contenders for a victory royale, but sometimes you come up against an enemy who is outright better at the game than you and the only choice you have (if you have any choice at all) is how you're going to die. 

And while we all want to go out like heroes, more likely than not we wind up going out like the players on this list, players who find themselves dying in the most embarrassing or humiliating ways. So whether you want some good old fashioned schadenfreude or just want something to make you feel better after your own Fortnite loss, check out this list of the most humiliating deaths in Fortnite and vote for what you think is the worst way to go out.

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    A Pickaxe Duel Erupts In Gunfire

    Video: YouTube

    Whether you’re new to Fortnite or as skilled as Ninja, you’ve probably experienced the embarrassment of losing a pickaxe duel in the opening moments of a match. It’s a classic Fortnite scenario and a traditional welcome to new players. A player known as Nightmare PB doesn’t even get to experience that. You can see Nightmare PB at 44 seconds in the video chasing an enemy and flailing around with the pickaxe for several seconds, before getting killed by a gun-toting enemy. The pickaxe duel ends before it really even begins.

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    One Player Gets Forced Into Playing the Worst Game of Leapfrog

    Video: YouTube

    Players can use impact grenades to launch themselves or (as is the case in the clip at 5:27) other players. Booselordius does the latter multiple times to force his enemy into a game of impromptu leapfrog. It would be so easy to kill this incapacitated player, but Booselordius decides to play with his prey before killing it. He tosses four separate impact grenades, tossing his enemy around the rooftops of Tilted Towers like a ragdoll. He finally launches his enemy off the roof, but at that point the damage has been done. There’s no coming back from a humiliating death like that.

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    A Dance Party Turns Deadly

    Video: YouTube

    What could have been a sweet moment between two enemies takes an unexpected turn when a sniper decides to interrupt the dance party. In the clip at 2:06, Papagrande91 and g4b08947 are in a tense standoff, each hiding in their own buildings and waiting for the other to make a move. Papagrande91 ends up making the first move, although it’s not the one g4b08947 expected. Papagrande91 breaks out dancing and g4b08947 obliges by bobbing up and down before getting sniped by some completely unseen opponent. It’s a shocking and hilarious conclusion to the innocent duet, and a reminder that not everybody came to Fortnite to dance.

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    Getting Wormed On Is Just the Worse

    Video: YouTube

    As if dying wasn't bad enough, Fortnite has plenty of ways to for players to rub salt in the wound. JoeS-93 got a taste of that firsthand. Fifty seven seconds into the video, shortly after Joe gets absolutely wasted, his opponent takes the humiliation one step by doing the worm emote on Joe's incapacitated body before ending the humiliation with a shotgun blast to the face. Yes, he danced on JoeS-93’s grave before he even had one.

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