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The Most Humiliating Fortnite Deaths

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The odds of winning at Fortnite are always against you. After all, there can be only one winner at the end of the day. We'd all like to think they're contenders for a victory royale, but sometimes you come up against an enemy who is outright better at the game than you and the only choice you have (if you have any choice at all) is how you're going to die. 

And while we all want to go out like heroes, more likely than not we wind up going out like the players on this list, players who find themselves dying in the most embarrassing or humiliating ways. So whether you want some good old fashioned schadenfreude or just want something to make you feel better after your own Fortnite loss, check out this list of the most humiliating deaths in Fortnite and vote for what you think is the worst way to go out.