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The Most Humiliating Fortnite Deaths

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The odds of winning at Fortnite are always against you. After all, there can be only one winner at the end of the day. We'd all like to think they're contenders for a victory royale, but sometimes you come up against an enemy who is outright better at the game than you and the only choice you have (if you have any choice at all) is how you're going to die. 

And while we all want to go out like heroes, more likely than not we wind up going out like the players on this list, players who find themselves dying in the most embarrassing or humiliating ways. So whether you want some good old fashioned schadenfreude or just want something to make you feel better after your own Fortnite loss, check out this list of the most humiliating deaths in Fortnite and vote for what you think is the worst way to go out.

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    Unsuspecting Opponent Falls For Assassin Disguised As A Bush

    Video: YouTube

    Ali-A is well known streamer and Fortnite player, which makes his opponents humiliating death here much worse. ArTisT107’s death becomes a public execution of the worst variety.

    Using the bush as a disguise is a risky strategy on Ali-A’s part, and using it to sneak up to within an inch of ArTisT107 is even riskier. Poor, helpless ArTisT107 doesn’t realize what’s about to go down. This humiliating death comes 21 minutes into the video when Ali-A calls his shot and executes the final blow, winning the game and capturing ArTisT107’s humiliation for posterity. 

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    An Impact Grenade Trick Goes Horribly Wrong

    Video: YouTube

    Players have been launching themselves with impact grenades ever since the devices were introduced to Fortnite. It can be a flashy way to get a kill or win a match - if you actually pull it off. Bloodyyalboz clearly has confidence that he can pull off this trick. Around 28:23, he successfully launches himself, if slightly off course. Unfortunately, there isn't much distance between “cool” and “humiliating” and Bloodyyalboz thinks he’s all clear until he realizes he's launched himself straight into a spike trap. 

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    The Troll Becomes the Trolled

    Video: YouTube

    Trolls have been mining multiplayer games for their own amusement since the earliest days of PC shooters. Fortnite is not without its fair share of trolls, but in this case the troll gets their karmic comeuppance almost immediately. You can see Team_Blue_2’s mistake at around the 32 second mark of the video above, as they jump around an immobile player who is seemingly AFK. As it turns out, the AFK player was just playing a very long con. Team_Blue_2 figures this out a little too late, landing behind their immobile prey only to get shotgunned at point blank range. There’s probably a bit of lag going on here (it doesn’t look like the “AFK” player is looking at Team_Blue_2), but it’s hard to argue Team_Blue_2 doesn’t deserve it.

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    A Last Minute Build Costs This Duo the Game

    Video: YouTube

    A last minute build in Fortnite can mean the difference between life and death. For Skalzam and his squadmate, it meant the latter. In the middle of an intense standoff between Skalzam’s squad and the last remaining enemy squad (1:49), rockets and sniper shots fly in every direction. Skalzam reloads his rocket launcher and aims to deliver what he hopes is a devastating final blow. His squadmate has other ideas though. Just as Skalzam pulls the trigger, his teammate builds a wall in front of him, blocking the shot and blowing up their squad.

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