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The Most Famous Horror Villain From Every State

25 Feb 2020 66.9k views50 items

Who is the most popular horror villain of all time? The anser to that question is subjective and thus difficult to answer, but we can perhaps definitevely say which horror icons best represent the states from which they hail. There are the heavy hitters, of course: Freddy Krueger, who terrorized the fictional town of Springwood, Ohio; Jason Voorhees, who hails from the watery depths of Camp Crystal Lake in New Jersey; Michael Myers, the terror of Haddonfield, Illinois; and of course, Leatherface, the premier slasher of Texas. Then there are the lesser-known figures, like those seen in the chilling sci-fi/horror film Idaho Transfer, the insidious Catharine from Black Widow, or the vicious Lou Ford from the 1976 version of The Killer Inside Me. Whatever U.S. state you call home, there's a violent murderer, supernatural beast, or undead ghoul waiting to put an end to your life.

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