Film Versions of the Future You'd Most Want to Really Happen

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Vote up the future worlds you most want to live in, not your favorite film on the list.

We as a people tend to see the future extremely pessimistically. 'Dystopian' is practically synonymous with 'Future' as far as the cinema is concerned. It's so rare to have a positive outlook on the future, most of the movies on this list still tell a story of a world not going so well. But most have at least some redeeming values. Let's hope we make the world a better place than movies seem to think we may.

Below are the movies where the future looks the most ideal, be it advances in technology (hey, the future would be great if we ALL lived on Elysium), robotics (if being lazy wasn't so awful and harmful, bring on the Wall-E future!), or other technologies (who wouldn't want Scarlett Johansson to whisper them sweet nothings like in Her).

This list is ranked by the world you'd most want to live in, not by the quality of the movie itself. Vote up the most ideal universe of the future or vote down the worlds that would be your absolute worst nightmare.

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