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The Most Important Civil Rights Issues Today

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In a world where stem cell research, robotics, and space travel are commonplace, it's baffling that the civil rights issues listed below are still dominating headlines around the globe. Humanity has made incredible progress in medicine, technology, and agriculture, yet every week there's a new hashtag or protest bringing to light a violation of our most basic civil rights: political and social freedom.

From the late 1940s to the late 1960s, the Civil Rights Movement defended discrimination against African Americans as well as their right to vote. Today, we continue a similar fight that's grown in scope but still revolves around the same basic issues. Hashtags like #Blacklivesmatter, #MeToo, #Dreamers, #Bringbackourgirls, and #WomensMarch have dominated the internet, highlighting current civil rights debates and issues. Though we've made substantial progress, the current problems are just as daunting as the ones that caused sit-ins and boycotts decades ago. 

Which human rights issues are the most important to you? Civil rights in the United States vary from other country's civil issues, but this list isn't limited to issues only seen in the states. Vote up the topics you think are the biggest civil rights issues. 

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    Forced Disappearances

    In some countries, people are secretly abducted and then imprisoned by the state. How many more will go missing before we find a way to combat the powerful and corrupt establishments orchestrating such abductions?

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    Voter ID Laws

    Are Voter ID Laws a valid way to ensure everyone votes legally or a means to keep certain Americans from reaching the polls? Some feel Voter ID Laws are a sly way to prevent people from certain racial groups and people from low income communities from voting. 

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    Police Brutality

    Over the last decade we've seen too many headlines announcing police killed or severely injured an unarmed Black man or woman. A majority of the responsible officers aren't even charged with murder. How do we stay safe from the people who are supposed to be protecting us?

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    Should torture be an ethical and permissible means for our government to obtain important information? Or is it cruel and unusual punishment that should be outlawed? 

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